I Wrote The Bill On The Environment Whispers Creepy Joe

I wrote the bill on the environment whispers this insane, creepy pedophile, for my masters, so they can wipe out the human race to save the planet from humans.

He recently said in a Zoom call with mostly black people America is doomed and not just because of African Americans.

So his policy is to make America minority white by 2040 by flooding the country with immigrants, and then tell white people that they’re doomed as a race, directly because of his policies, which create division and hate on purpose, and then call them white supremacists, and domestic terrorists.

I mean, did you happen to notice the extreme, vicious, murderous racism, pushed on one particular side, or what? I didn’t care about race personally, until these psychopathic racist terrorists started threatening my race, their own race by the way, to gain political advantage and to divide people.

Even if they’re not even close to that, but just supported the other side of politics, while stirring up black people to burn their cities down and have academics say things like whiteness is a grotesque, incurable disease.

That should promote racial unity, not.

The fact check, (which is all you ever get at the top of Google these days, funded by leftist terrorist eugenicist psycho killers, literally) says that he was taken out of context on that, so I’ll give you the context.

“I’ve been around doing this for a long, long time. I don’t always get it right, but I always take responsibility. When I get it wrong, I acknowledge I got it wrong but my overarching objective [is] if we cannot make significant progress on racial equity, this country is doomed.”

Politifact is part of the Poynter International fact checking network funded by Bill Gates, George Soros, Facebook, Google and the CCP, which means it’s entirely a partisan political group forcing political opinions down people’s throats through their global monopoly on the big four internet giants.

“It is doomed not just because of African Americans but because by 2040, this country is going to be minority White European. Hear me, minority White European. And you guys are going to have to start working with Hispanics, who make up a larger portion of population than y’all do.”

“In terms of raw numbers, we’re going to have to be working with a whole group of people that are in fact are the single most diverse democracy in American history and anywhere in the world. And we’ve got to figure out how to unify this country. And you’ve been the leaders of being able to do that, not a joke.”

My view is that critical race theory, (not just being pushed in America, but around the world, like all their insane crap), is critical of race, a purely racist notion, and that’s the theory, designed on purpose to sew racial division and hate, and that’s all it does.

It brainwashes kids that they should be treated different because of their race, and that black people are historically oppressed by white people, rather than teaching that they can do anything they set their mind to, which it has been shown they can, if they try hard enough.

That should be getting better, and we should be moving past race as a thing, but this white supremacist who called black children roaches who will infest the schools and make it a racial jungle, seen holding up the hand of an exalted cyclops of the KKK wants to start a race war.

Judge Joe Brown saw him speak in the seventies and he said he saw him say black people need to be locked up like animals in zoos, and that he helped create the drug laws that gave them years in jail for one rock of crack, pushed by the CIA into black ghettos on purpose, to lock them up by the millions.

“Who said that, Joe Biden?” Yeah, that’s what he said.

He’s still calling them roaches, in a crowd of black children, in that video where he says he loves kids jumping on his lap stroking his hairy legs as he gets out of the pool.

Then his son is pictured with a little girl kneeling at his crotch, tweeting photos of his teeth rotting from smoking that crack.

But then like magic he gets new teeth and no longer looks like a homeless person in charge of doing multi billion dollar corrupt deals for his father’s criminal operations selling out his country to people who want to destroy it.

As I keep saying, these people are mass murdering, drug dealing, human trafficking, eugenicist, terrorist psychopaths, puppets of people even worse than them.

The racist thing is just another layer of their lies and hypocrisy. Everything they say should be taken in reverse, as the inversion is almost always true.

Compulsive liars, they cannot say a single true thing ever unless it’s a Freudian slip, so you have to decode their words by putting them in reverse to make any sense of them.

Ten years ago, Biden called Julian Assange a “high tech terrorist” for exposing the truth about the crimes of the US government that they don’t want you to know, in other words being a real journalist, reporting the truth.

As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t believe Trump was all that much better than Biden, he was controlled by the same dark powers that be as they all are, but he sure didn’t make as much of a fool of himself as this demented freak, and didn’t appear to be as obvious a threat, regardless of what they said.

For some reason, they got all the big tech platforms and most of the media making excuses for his obvious, terrible, intolerable problems, and perhaps the same is true in reverse with people making excuses for Trump’s failings, but if you can’t vote them out, then there’s a larger problem.

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