Rewriting The History Of MRNA: Robert Malone

I had to switch from Google Chrome to Firefox to upload this photo. Just because I’m paranoid, doesn’t mean they aren’t trying to kill me. BTW if I stop writing these posts, I didn’t kill myself, they did.

Last night, my computer starting buzzing, and I had to restart it and it said hard disk failure, thought I had lost it for good, and of course I assumed it was hacked by these people.

Today a scammer called me up and said your tax file number is being shut down, you will be arrested if you don’t give us your details, and of course I assumed it was the same people. There’s been about a dozen calls like that this year.

They called me up months ago and said your internet will be shut off, then they hung up, and of course I’m on my 12th 30 day ban on Facebook, my comments don’t appear on YouTube, and they removed every like I had done on any video.

So, I had to switch to Mewe, Gab, Bitchute and Odysee, and now I heard that they’re trying to shut those sites down because of “anti semitism”.

They censored the president, and if you didn’t like that particular president of the USA, maybe that wouldn’t bother you, but this should.

The inventor of mRNA vaccines Robert Malone started talking about the problems he saw with how quickly they approved these experimental vaccines at warp speed, and how there was not enough safety testing done, things along those lines.

They then rewrote history so that he was no longer the inventor of mRNA, or one of the scientists who invented the whole thing, and changed it to somebody else who didn’t invent it, or who wasn’t mentioned on the original Wikipedia entry, Katalin Kariko.

If you don’t get the problem with this crap by now, then we got a problem, and I mean a big problem, because the truth isn’t something you can erase, it’s either true, or it isn’t, and it isn’t the way they’re telling it, and this proves it, yet again.

If I tell you this story, and others, like that the inventor of the PCR test said Fauci doesn’t know anything about anything, and I’d say that to his face, his job is to lie to the camera and he has an agenda, and you just dismiss it, then try to have any sort of authority, based on science, I’ll call you a lying weasel and one of them.

If you try to use that kind of “science” to inject poison into a child when there’s been millions of serious side effects from these injections now, and there was basically no risk to them from the virus, if it even exists and is any worse than the flu, which even they said it wasn’t, for children, their parents are likely to kill you.

I don’t say that to be mean, if you inject a child with something that could kill them, or does, and you knew that it was more likely to kill them than covid, or were negligent in not knowing these serious reports of problems that are coming out, even just that the doctors were silenced, by the millions, including the guy who made the technology himself, you’re in trouble.

I was in this group where people were saying they all agreed that this convicted pedophile who took a photo of this six year old girl should get killed in the most painful way possible, and that guy just took a photo, at least, that’s all he did that time, to that kid.

I didn’t really agree, I thought they should just beat him up for taking a photo and make sure he knew not to come back, but even saying that got me banned from Facebook for bullying and harassment, which is strange, because all the other people who were saying to kill him were still there.

If you doctors, politicians, social media censors, police, big pharma executives, media people, don’t start paying attention to the millions of people who have reported problems with these experimental vaccines pushed by accused pedophiles who said they wanted to reduce the population of the world by a billion people with vaccines, it’s going to come back on you sooner or later.

If you’re not listening to the actual scientist who invented mRNA gene therapies blowing the whistle on safety issues along with countless millions of other doctors and experts, they’re not going to forgive or forget what you did to the children and what you did to science and what you participated in doing to the world.

I don’t really know which thing is true, that covid is a complete hoax and doesn’t even exist, or they lied about every other part of it, but it actually does exist and they made it and released it on purpose and banned the cure. They definitely told you they were going to do all of this.

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