Facebook Tries To Get People To Rat On Their Extremist Friends

Facebook are trying to convince their users that a group of people who disagree with their totalitarian terrorist mind control are extremists and domestic terrorists, even around the world.

Let’s see if I can sum it up for you, again.

There are a bunch of terrorists who attacked the world with biological weapons, or more specifically, the psychological threat of getting sick, from what is basically the flu, even less deadly than the flu for most young, healthy people, even according to them.

Facebook and their kind are those terrorists, or the people who participated in the destruction and financial ruin of the world, including the starvation deaths of millions from lock downs.

They told you they were going to do it before they did, maybe not Facebook specifically, but they started banning people for having an opinion before 2020 and they are the same basic bunch of people.

Lock downs, mask mandates, vaccine passports, banning treatments that worked, destruction of jobs, small businesses and mental health, closing schools and so on, and they banned anyone who disagreed with them from speaking, even admitting they censored the truth if it could cause vaccine hesitancy.

A lot of people are saying they had enough of their crap, to the point that they very well might try to fight the bastards with force, and because they stopped them from speaking and protesting, that is possibly the only option they have left.

They were singing this song as they marched peacefully in protest, by the millions, but they were also telling the police to choose a side.

Because they can’t convince these psychopathic terrorist, totalitarian scum to stick their new world order up their arse, along with their deadly experimental vaccines, and they won’t listen, people are on the verge of fighting back with deadly force.

I’m not going to deny that, I seen them planning to fight these people for real since the beginning, because they knew who they were and what they were, and saw the greater suffering caused by everything they were doing.

In fact, there hasn’t been a day that goes by that I haven’t been thinking of killing them myself, for what they did to the world, and in particular, to the children.

Destroying their future, their freedom, and their happiness for some agenda they have of power, money and population control, transhumanism or whatever.

Nothing to do with old people dying of the flu, they aren’t those sort of people who would care about that, and if you cared, you should care about the children and their future and what that will look like.

That doesn’t mean I’m going to start a war, I haven’t got a gun, and I wouldn’t know where to start, but I think about it, every single day.

Some scumbag from the Pentagon (he says), threatened me for calling out the American government for their drug dealing, terrorism and other crimes against humanity including this.

I haven’t really researched those chemicals thoroughly, but suffice to say they are poisons, mercury is the obvious one, and they put it in vaccines, and then when there were serious problems by the millions, they said the vaccines didn’t cause it, and I just don’t believe them.

Said he was going to have me arrested, or have my government payments cut off, from America, because they controlled Australia enough that they could do that, anywhere in the world because I dared to tell the truth and state my opinion.

I don’t know if I need to point out the obvious, but this just proves my point. They are totalitarian scum, trying to force complete totalitarian control, around the world, silencing anyone who tells the truth, or has an opinion, threatening them with death, jail, or financial ruin.

Mass murdering, drug dealing, criminal, lying, eugenicist scum. They got the power because they are the criminals who do most of the crime and they’re going to make sure you can’t tell anyone about it or they’ll disappear you.

Good on you, you complete bastard, hope that makes you feel powerful. What a piece of crap. I guess that makes me an extremist for saying it, maybe Facebook will give me some mind control treatments. Ministry of truth scum.

Obviously, I’m not even allowed to speak on Facebook, and that by itself isn’t the primary issue, but it’s just another straw that might break the camel’s back, and it will break at some point, whatever that might mean.

You might want to get yourself one of these things before the power goes off. Runs on gas or propane. Check out the prepping page for more cool stuff.

There’s billions of people in the world, and when they are pushed to their limit, in any particular place at any particular time, something is probably going to happen.

Don’t ask me what that will be, but there will be something that happens to them at some point, if they keep doing this kind of thing to the people of the world, because it’s dead wrong, all of it and it’s a majority who understand that it’s wrong, regardless of what the media said.

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