Dangerous Levels Of Lead And Arsenic In Baby Food

The first point I want to get across to you after reading the Guardian article about this scandal is some companies didn’t even “co-operate” in the study on the levels of deadly poison in their baby food, and the recommendations by the FDA were not legally binding.

The next question you might logically ask, is why are they putting a hundred times higher levels of arsenic, lead and mercury in baby food than are considered safe in the first place?

The answer is rice absorbs the inorganic metals more easily than other grains, and that’s where you find most of it, but it’s not completely natural, it’s contamination from fertilizers and pesticides and waste water and coal power plants.

I don’t know about you, but I thought with an organization like the FDA, they were supposed to say if you put potentially harmful or deadly amounts of poison in a product, you can’t sell it period, not we’re working with them if they cooperate on trying to stop poisoning babies.

I can understand that the farmers might not be trying to put poison in the food, it might not even be them who put the lead, arsenic, cadmium and mercury in the flooded plains that grow rice, but it might have been them.

The people definitely responsible are the people who made the baby food who said they lowered the amount of deadly poison that was in the food, (which they knew was there), with better manufacturing processes, and the FDA.

The FDA is supposed to be a guarantee that says to consumers this product is safe, it’s FDA approved, but if there is no legally binding contract that says you don’t have to stick to safe levels of poison in the baby food, not a hundred times what they said was unsafe, then it is worth absolutely nothing at all.

This is what some people don’t get when they call me a conspiracy theorist or an extremist. They are that corrupt, they are that evil, there’s absolutely no depths to which they won’t sink, and we really do have to force them to change, with force if necessary.

OK, so they have a non legally binding plan to try to push the idea that maybe they should stop poisoning the food? I said this before already.

If you need justification for that, I point you back to the original point, they’re poisoning you, and then they’re poisoning you some more, and there’s no regulations to stop it, whatsoever. There were none, it’s the FDA.

They’re completely corrupt, they’re completely evil, they’re killing people, giving them neurological disorders like autism, lowering the sperm count on it’s way to everyone being sterile, killing people with dangerous experimental vaccines, and you have to take the government back or we’re all screwed.

Apparently there’s arsenic in the Glyphosate, which they still use on many crops and which they already settled court cases for billions of dollars.

There’s no two ways to look at that, there’s no other opinion that will suffice, either they stop poisoning us, or we have to kill them, to stop them from poisoning babies and people generally with dangerous levels of deadly poison, pretty much on purpose or knowingly.

If anyone doesn’t get this by now, I’m calling them a legit psychopath, and first on the list of people who have to go.

Lead and mercury were tested on people, and it screwed them up, made them mad as a hatter so they had to stop it, and I thought they did.

All products need a warning label stating something along the lines of these people are insane, research every single thing you buy to see if it will kill you because it probably will, and they knew it would.

I will not argue that this point is proven, it’s a mainstream, widely acknowledged news story, there’s Harvard .edu links, .gov links and more in this post, and what it shows is they aren’t just corrupt, they’re insane.

You may have to deal with some amount of trace elements in all food, but just avoiding rice would have been enough to stop most of the poison, a hundred times too much poison, if any amount of poison is good, in baby food, and that’s so simple it’s criminal that they didn’t do it, and criminal they don’t require it.

Apparently chelation treatment can help get it out of your system, or calcium disodium EDTA if you have been eating a lot of rice, root vegetables or fruit juice, which is probably a lot of people.

Get a blood test if you have symptoms, it may not be the end of the world, but they’re the ones saying it’s bad, it’s a hundred times worse than it should be.

They’re the ones who are supposed to have the power to regulate poisons in food and it’s madness that they don’t, if it really is that bad and bare in mind I don’t even trust them when they say it is, either. I just don’t trust them, period.

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