Mass Medical Experimentation: Human Guinea Pigs For Vaccines

That was a one hour interview with Dr Sherri Tenpenny who has been studying vaccines for twenty years and says they are overall not helpful to humans, as a general rule, and I have to say I agree.

What you also hear her say is she believes they know this, and they have a sinister intent, right from the beginning, of making money obviously, but also population reduction and experimentation.

They put cancer causing viruses in them, all sorts of things to make you a lifelong big pharma customer, they damage your natural immune system, and can possibly cause immediate death, if you’re one of the lucky ones.

Almost everyone who takes them is harmed to some degree she says, and we’ve seen those side effects showing up more than ever before and even the inventor of mRNA technology himself say these new vaccines are unsafe.

I was just doing some research on graphene oxide, the delivery system for the covid vaccines, along with polyethyline glycol. While I was looking I found it had a connection to magnetism again which really does explain the magnetic arms of people.

“Indeed, exposure to GO caused a significant decrease in neurotransmitters such as tyrosine, tryptophan, dopamine, tyramine, and GABA. In addition, the decrease in fluorescence of Pgcy-8: GFP, which is a marker of sensory neurons, suggested that GO is capable of causing damage to these neurons. Besides, exposure to GO caused a decrease in the expression of ttx-1 and ceh-14 genes, which are genes necessary for sensory neurons’ functioning. A significant change in locomotor behavior markers, such as speed, acceleration, and stopping time, was observed. These results provided information on the neurotoxic potential of neurotransmitters and sensory neurons in the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans.”

“In addition, GO aggregates were retained in different regions, such as the eyes, heart, yolk sac, and tail of embryos. In these organs, GO induced apoptosis and excessive generation of reactive oxygen species and increased oxidative stress and DNA damage [131]. In parallel, a recent study has shown that GO is capable of inducing cardiovascular defects in zebrafish during development. However, the presence of GO at a low concentration (0.1-0.3 mg/mL) does not affect embryonic development, whereas the presence of GO at higher concentrations (0.4-1 mg/mL) induces significant embryonic mortality, increased heart rate, delayed hatching, cardiovascular defects, increased apoptosis, and decreased hemoglobinization [132].”

Peer reviewed scientific paper written by multiple authors

So, while the paper also called this chemical an excellent delivery system for drugs into the body of patients, it detailed a number of serious observed side effects in rats.

This is the first time it’s been tried on all humans, all at once, with a hundred other known toxic chemicals in the same shot, and it’s also in masks and they told you to wear them, and then recalled them and said they were toxic, because of the graphene oxide they want to inject into you.

What are the results of this experiment? More deaths and injuries than all vaccines combined for the last twenty five years reported to VAERS.

What are they doing about it? They’re offering free ice cream to your children to get this toxic injection stuck in them without your permission when they don’t need it, at all.

Free donuts, free french fries, free lap dances, free lottery tickets, they’re psychopaths. I’m not making that up, they’re actual, literal Satanists, eugenicist, mass murdering criminal psychopaths and they think it’s all a big joke.

Buy the book to learn more about the Nuremberg trials of evil Nazi doctors who were executed.

The only possible opinion you can form when looking at all the evidence, even on both sides is that the risks outweigh the benefits for most people when taking vaccines, even the most popular ones.

Vaccines are a bad thing, for people, particularly this one, particularly for children, and the people who make them and the people who push them are criminal monsters.

They’re guilty of doing forced medical experimentation on virtually the whole world at once, which is a violation of the Nuremberg code, which is treason and the sentence should be death for anyone involved in the entire thing.

One thought on “Mass Medical Experimentation: Human Guinea Pigs For Vaccines

  1. This is an excellent article, Dr. Tenpenny really has the credentials to stand up to the Liar Influencers with PhDs from the Rockefeller Institute “mouthing off” on TV Networks, Social Platforms, and Internet. These Liars arrogantly and confidently spew DEADLY MISINFORMATION with NO consequences for causing 1000s to millions of injuries and death. These Liars know they do not have to present any data or evidence therefore it’s not open for debate. False evidence made to appear to be true. Bible: “Do not be deceived.”

    Dr. Tenpenny and her many colleagues as well as all the brilliant “LIKE MINDS” who are censored, discredited, slandered, and in some cases are arrested or murdered. They had to eliminate Dr. Kari Mullis because they knew Dr. Mullis could not be bought and he would have NEVER stood by while they fraudulently used his Nobel Prize PCR to be the initiating step for this COVID-19 atrocity.

    May God protect Dr. Tenpenny and the all the other “LIKE MINDS” against the “HIVE MIND”!


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