The Battle For The Minds Of Mankind

Mind control is something that is synonymous with government and power, it’s an illusion, which is based on fear, or alternatively feeling attachment to a group.

It’s like a religion, and that was the basis of government from the earliest days of human civilization.

A common belief, a cult philosophy, a sense of patriotism or shared values, which brought people together, but also trapped them and enslaved them to the cult.

Some of the signs you may be involved in a cult are that you believe obviously irrational things, which make no sense when analyzed in detail, yet you still talk about them as though they’re true, because you don’t want to appear like a heretic.

While things definitely were worse for heretics when you look back in history, you don’t have to look far, and it’s getting worse again.

You may have a tremendous fear of being ostracized, or perhaps even persecuted, arrested, crucified or worse if you go against the cult’s brainwashing.

Most people just want to get along and live peacefully, they might be part of a religion, involved in government or media or work for big tech companies, banks, or corporations owned by the globalists, and they don’t necessarily agree with everything they say or do, yet they still follow their orders.

It’s like the people in Germany who did the heil Hitler salute because everyone else was doing it, and they might be seen as a traitor if they didn’t, most people would not accept that as a legitimate excuse today.

If you associate yourself with people who are guilty of mass murder, which is almost any government in the world, any political party, any group of thugs who are widely blamed for crimes against humanity, you might be putting a target on your own head.

I just watched a documentary about a plan after world war two by Jews to poison the water supply of Germany with the aim of killing 6 million Germans as revenge for the killing of 6 million Jews, (allegedly), and it very nearly happened, then they tried to poison the bread of prisoners who were former Nazi soldiers.

Buy this book to learn more about mind control and how to use it to your benefit, if that interests you.

They had the Nuremberg trials for what were definitely serious war crimes, but there was so much propaganda on both sides of that war, it’s hard to determine what was actually true, because if you look at the German propaganda, it often says the opposite.

Nevertheless, because it was a war, like the ongoing war in the middle east still happening as we speak, you don’t even need to take part in the fighting to be hated, if your country, race, religion, government or corporation takes part in serious war crimes or crimes against humanity.

We are in world war three, according to some people, and even if you choose the right side, even if you do the right thing, or even if you go along with the orders of psychopaths, it’s inherently dangerous for everyone, regardless, but the largest battle is in the minds of the people.

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