Trump Announces Lawsuit Against Social Media Giants

Here’s the video of the press conference where he announces his plan to sue Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for censoring him, the president of the USA, along with countless millions of other people for telling the truth, having an opinion.

It’s a bit of a quiet recording, but the point is clear, they can’t do this to people, because they’re not just any social media company, they have a near monopoly on social media, the voice of the people, around the world.

They’re giants of online communication, and they have surely lost a lot of users, and a lot of respect, from what they have been doing, but not just that.

They ruined careers, slandered people by saying they were misinformation or even extremists when their own documents admitted they were calling things misinformation even if it was true, if it caused vaccine hesitancy.

A whistleblower had to tell people that, and he was fired immediately, but that’s the point, they lied, they spread lies and silenced truth, ruined careers, damaged democracy and free speech, and they are criminally liable for that.

Each and every instance where they called someone a liar who wasn’t, damaged their income based on these lies, killed or injured someone because they believed the vaccines were safe and effective, when they weren’t, they are criminally liable.

They should be paying out trillions of dollars to millions of people all around the world for their sick, evil, vicious lies, in fact they should all go to jail for life, for treason, and crimes against humanity.

Some idiot I saw tried to make the argument that it was their site, and they could do what they wanted on it, but Mark Zuckerberg stole the software idea from someone else, the rich elites funded it, and them and the US government used it to spy on people and censor their opinions, for them.

It’s often called FBI book, fakebook, a CIA or NSA censorship and surveillance platform that uses AI to silence truth and spread lies, as propaganda for psychopath corporate criminals like big pharma, on a higher level of control than the government itself.

I see an immediate problem with donating to the government, who forced their tyranny through social media, to take on social media tyranny, but in theory it’s good that they are getting sued.

True, this may be a good reason to just leave the site and never go back to it, but if they are allowed to get away with it, they won’t stop, and the next site will fall, and then the next one.

I don’t trust Trump, but it is of course a good development that he is suing these social media giants and hopefully they will be held accountable for their crimes, but I won’t be satisfied until they’re dead.

You can share your personal story on if you want to join the class action lawsuit or share your story, which I’m hoping will actually do something about it, as it’s vitally important we are allowed to have free speech and open political debate around the world. I’m not holding my breath on this court case though.

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