Don’t Think It’s OK To Visit Your Family Say The Psychopaths

It’s OK you dumb sheep, it’s so insane, there’s no way you’d ever believe me even if there was any way I could tell you about it.

I’ve seen these people like the health minister of New Zealand say they’re going to hunt down anyone who didn’t get this experimental vaccine which immediately doesn’t work against the new variant (if there even is a virus at all), and force it on them.

They had a couple dozen old people who died last year, in that whole country, if they even did die from covid.

I tried to find that video of him saying that, which should be seen as fairly important news on some news site somewhere in the world, but the only place I can find it was on

This is an unarmed 12 year old girl who a gang of masked and unmasked thugs with guns attacked with chemical weapons, to her eyes, because these kids weren’t wearing masks which don’t work, which they said they didn’t to begin with, before they made people wear them and then said they didn’t have to wear them, and then said they did again.

Even on Bitchute it was impossible to find, but I did see the video, and everyone saw Biden say they were going to go door to door to try to force unnecessary poison on everyone when they obviously don’t want it.

I seen these premiers in my own country Australia saying it’s not OK to see your own family, and they can pepper spray 12 year old girls and arrest them for not wearing a mask, in a team of a dozen cops some of whom weren’t wearing masks, because nobody died of covid this year in all of Australia.

My general opinion, if you haven’t figured it out by now, is they are the disease, they are completely evil, there’s no justification for anything they do.

They aren’t even really trying to hide the fact that they’re coming for your kids, coming to kill you, rape you and take everything you have.

I just watched the sequel to the Shadowgate documentary by Millenial Millie, Shadowgate 2.0 which talks about the secret government agencies who spy on every single thing you do and sell that information to anyone who has enough money to create psy ops on people.

I don’t really trust Alex Jones or Tucker Carlson, but that’s only because I don’t really trust anyone, at all, ever, anymore. It’s like we’re in the TV show The Walking Dead, everyone’s out to get you.

Tucker Carlson made the point that it’s against the law to spy on US citizens, (which doesn’t help me in Australia), and some CNN piece of crap who looks like a serial killer clown tried to make out like even Fox didn’t believe it or they would have sued them, he’s the new Alex Jones, he’s crazy.

It’s more like everyone knows who these people are, and what they do, by now, if they paid any attention whatsoever. They’re the most vicious, psychopathic criminals the world has ever seen.

They don’t follow laws, they openly break all laws, they’re not elected, not accountable to anyone, they hang celebrities from doorknobs.

Putting a cross through claims like these doesn’t help when it’s true, and it’s not even hard to believe, at all, it makes perfect sense and is exactly what you’d expect, based on the VAERS figures, but you have to put crosses through anything true if it makes the government look like insane psychopaths.

They spy on everyone, censor everyone, blow up journalists with car bombs, cut them into pieces, shoot them in the head twice and call it a suicide, and they’re coming to kill or sterilize everyone in the world with poison injections and that’s what they said they were doing.

If you were to watch the idiot box, hypnotizing, brainwashing mind control for fools, you might have a doubt or two as to their efforts to “help” people by telling them they can’t see their own family a year and a half into a less deadly flu season than we ever had, even after everyone who wanted to got their killer vaccine.

If you weren’t watching the TV, you realize we are in world war three, and they are the enemy, the invading force of Satanic psycho killers and we’re pretty much screwed if enough people haven’t woken up enough to actually defeat them with force.

Both Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones say things that are logical says Joe Rogan, but of course he can’t even say that without being censored.

I can’t tell if they have or not because of the AI censorship, but everyone on my Facebook feed gets it even though I’m still banned.

I’m assuming it’s about half of the population who get it, including in the armed forces themselves, and those who don’t, know there’s a “conspiracy theory” going around.

Just a shot in the dark, if you’ll pardon the pun. I’ve seen their own propaganda be psychopathic and obvious enough that half the people who only saw that on TV and nothing else would at least get something fishy is going on. I saw it immediately.

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