Is It A Good Thing That All These Morons Are Killing Themselves?

For a while now, some have been making the point that these cult brainwashed morons with cognitive dissonance are so harmful to society that it’s probably a good thing that they all get sterilized and exterminated.

My ex girlfriend had a similar sort of belief, they are so retarded, so unable to process logical thought because of a lifetime of indoctrination, it’s possibly the best thing that can happen to the world if they all die.

I’ve mentioned the scientific studies of the zebra fish embryos that didn’t survive when there was a certain amount of graphene oxide toxicity in them, and if they didn’t die, they were severely stunted in their growth.

The mice had serious, observed cognitive decline and had slower reaction times, and of course it killed the adult mice if they had a certain amount of the chemical in their system which doesn’t leave your system once it gets in.

CDC director said the virus was made in the lab funded by Fauci, and he told you there was going to be a surprise outbreak while participating in the pre-planning of a simulation of a deliberate release of a lethal respiratory pathogen, event 201, WHO’s World At Risk report, crimson contagion, SPARS 2025 – 2028 Johns Hopkins scenario, etc.

I heard about an 18 year old girl who had a brain so swollen that they had to cut open the top of her skull and it looked like it had been shot with a shotgun, according to the doctor, due to the blood clots.

In my opinion, there are a lot nicer ways to kill people other than blood clots or immune disorders, pathogenic priming that makes you more likely to die from a virus like the ferrets who died in the SARS vaccine trial, like how about a drug overdose instead? Too quick, too obvious?

Fauci said that was a possibility, that the vaccines might actually be more likely to kill you, when your immune system was damaged and you caught another virus at some future point that it was less able to fight off.

Michael Osterholm, who led the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy 2012 review on flu vaccines, recommended getting the vaccine but criticized its promotion, saying, “We have over-promoted and over-hyped this vaccine¬†… it does not protect as promoted.
It’s all a sales job: it’s all public relations.”

This happened with the flu shot, multiple studies I saw showed that you were more likely to die of covid if you had taken a flu shot, but these studies just keep producing conflicting results because of who funds them.

They can make all sorts of excuses for this like the flu shot stopped people from dying before they caught covid, but only 1-2% of people get the flu in any particular year, they say.

I’m not going to try to do that math because I don’t trust that the figures they gave are accurate, or that they even know what those figures are. It’s like a guess based on an exaggeration based on a limited study that was paid for by people who profited off the results, and it’s always that way, if it’s not much worse.

Over half the time the flu vaccine doesn’t work, and it caused the majority of the reports of death and injury to VAERS, until now, with the covid vaccine having about a hundred times more reports of death and injury.
Source: WIkipedia

I got the flu shot once, and I got the flu a couple of months later, and it was one of the worst flues I ever had, and I didn’t report it to anyone, and if I had have done, they wouldn’t have cared, at all, and so that’s the reliability of any figures or claims they make. None whatsoever.

Nobody ever tried to test everyone who ever caught the flu in the world, even if they died from it, and the tests probably don’t work anyway, and it would cost trillions of dollars to do that for real, so they just didn’t do it, period.

They just said they did, pulled the numbers out of thin air, and all they need to get away with that is a handful of corrupt doctors. Perhaps more than just a handful.

If they did manage to make a less than half effective flu vaccine for any particular year, it immediately wouldn’t work the next year, and it’s just guess work every single time they make a new one, which isn’t even tested for safety properly, even though it’s a new vaccine every time for thousands of new variations every year.

They don’t know what they’re doing, because there’s no way they could know, but in another way, they do know what they’re doing, they’re making money, and/or sterilizing and exterminating people as they go.

I just got banned from Mewe for two weeks for saying how I thought every day about killing these horrible people who gaslight people like me and parents of vaccine injured kids about the terrorism of the government, the governments of much of the world.

Politifact the fact checker funded by Bill Gates, Facebook, Google, George Soros and the CCP said that Pfizer said they didn’t put graphene oxide in their injections, but they were thinking about using it for the flu shot and it was used widely in other treatments, but they were looking at testing it’s safety on humans, perhaps by testing it on humans, without their knowledge.

Coming door to door to threaten people with forced injections of poisonous death as they say they’re going to cut off the balls of little boys without their parent’s permission.

They are evil, they are the most evil criminal organization ever to exist, and almost all the mafia gangs and cartels work for them but they have such convincing ads for themselves, or they used to.

I like that Satanic pop music, made by slaves who aren’t allowed to marry who they want like Brittany Spears based on court orders that take away all freedom in their lives because they’re crazy, from listening to that Satanic pop music.

They’re not just coming to sterilize and exterminate, they also talk about designing humans to be whatever they want them to be, superhero vaccines that change your DNA so that your body becomes that of somebody else.

Again, it’s just a sales pitch, the same people said they want to genetically engineer humans to be 15 cm smaller and have an intolerance to eating meat.

If I had to tell you that making human/animal hybrid clones and forced medical experimentation and brainwashing and mind control and global censorship of the truth is unethical, (to say the least), you’re not all there.

If you call all of that obvious, proven corruption and crimes against humanity a crazy conspiracy theory, well, I hope you have a pleasant death because that’s the nicest I can be to people like that.

One thought on “Is It A Good Thing That All These Morons Are Killing Themselves?

  1. I do feel sorry for the people like the 18 year old woman whose head was turned into to putty as the result of the vaccine, However my own survival instinct kick in and I know there has to be mass casualties in order for me to survive.


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