Court Rules Media Cannot Reasonably Be Interpreted As Allegations Of Fact

The court ruled in both the case of Rachel Maddow from MSNBC (funded by Bill Gates), and Tucker Carlson, (Murdoch media), that the statements of these people should be seen as entertainment, and could not be misconstrued as being factual information, by any reasonable people.

I just got banned from another social media site because of expressing my overwhelming hatred of these people who censor ordinary people like me for telling the truth, for expressing my opinion, as the government tries to force medical experimentation on the public, which is literally treason.

This “fact check” literally lies when it said that the covid vaccines have been approved and passed their stage three trials, which they’re still in for another year.

It’s emergency use authorized, not approved, and almost every fact check is a lie openly paid for by big pharma and big tech elite billionaires who profit from lying while censoring truth, and that is a fact which is definitely proven at this point.

It’s hard to argue with most of the opinions that Tucker Carlson expresses in his opinion pieces, and I didn’t used to agree with Fox News on most things, but there’s a time for being conservative.

But the law doesn’t just apply to experimental poison that seemed to be designed on purpose to sterilize and exterminate, which millions of people were saying it was, you have a right to refuse medical treatment period which is a law of most countries.

It’s not speculation that the Nuremberg code exists, it’s a legal document that everyone agreed to, after the horrors of eugenics and forced medical experimentation and sterilization, both in the USA, and Nazi Germany.

I’ve been calling for Fauci to be arrested for treason, fraud and crimes against humanity since the beginning, but MSNBC takes his lies one step further and are arguably more guilty than he is.

The philosophy began in the USA in the American eugenics society, if it wasn’t an already well established elite philosophy of the ruthless pursuit of power and wealth for their empire and their race, religion or family blood line.

They made this code to prevent it from ever happening again, and yet it is happening again, with these supposed “journalists” pushing mandatory forced medical experimentation on everyone in the world, while it kills thousands and injures millions.

They legally argue in court that they’re just lying for entertainment value and the judge agrees.

CNN and MSNBC said these were mostly peaceful protests, and then they said the capitol riot was like Pearl Harbor. I’m not even a Trump supporter, but there’s news and then there’s obvious lies.

So according to them they can’t be sued for libel for ruining careers and businesses with their lies about them being misinformation, because it should be obvious to any sane person that they’re lying, which I don’t even think is true in the case of Tucker, it’s just an opinion, yet my opinions are censored, even though they’re very similar.

They can’t be sued for getting people killed in riots or “insurrections” for the hatred they incite, yet any regular person doesn’t even have the right to speak freely on the platforms the same globalist elite billionaires control, even if they’re saying virtually the same thing as the controlled opposition.

I’ve made my opinion clear from the beginning of this covid scam, you get the flu, you can’t not get the flu, people get the flu, the flu shot doesn’t work, lock downs are impossible to do for any amount of time and masks are a joke.

That’s reality, that’s life. That’s death for a very small percentage of people, and it does not help people to deny that reality exists, it just collapses the economy of the world for no good reason and drives us into economic depression and possibly world war three and they knew it would do that.

I’m seeing the local leaders of my country Australia talking to people as though they’re children, that they must follow the rules, and not visit their own family, whenever they get false positives on a faulty test of a fake virus in one in a million people when the old people at risk already got the jab if they wanted it.

Should I view the politicians and their lies as entertainment too? There aren’t two sides of that argument, they both say the same thing, and they pretend it’s real in both parties.

Take a look at the difference they made to this roadmap to the great reset after they came up with covid 19 as the driving force behind it.

It is real to some degree, viruses exist, (I think), they most probably made this one in a lab and released it on purpose, and they told you they were going to do it, before they did and they banned effective treatments based on lies.

There was a plan for a great reset where you will own nothing and be happy, while they take everything and try to install a complete technocratic dictatorship under their control, worse than Orwell’s 1984.

They had the plan already drawn up with thousands of articles on the WEF site, and put covid 19 in the middle of the plan for the great reset, as though it was any sort of reason for doing anything, at all. It’s not, and that’s clearer and clearer every day, if it was ever in any doubt.

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The media have been the largest tool used to force this totalitarian takeover, crushing small businesses, crushing freedom of speech, destroying people’s lives and pushing kids to commit suicide by the mental strain of their fear campaign, if they weren’t killed by their unnecessary injections of poison.

I don’t take their own suggestion that they are obvious liars that no fool would believe to be a valid legal argument.

I accept it’s often true, you’d have to be retarded to believe their lies, at least in many cases, but millions, even billions of people do believe it.

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