Medical Martial Law Forced On The World By Psychopaths

The people are not scared of covid, at least, the majority of people with any brains aren’t, not anymore.

They’re scared of the government and perhaps scared of being branded a “conspiracy theorist” or a “white supremacist” or a right wing extremist.

It’s not many people who just don’t give a damn about their reputation, I don’t care if people call me any of those things, I don’t care if they call me a pedophile or a drug addict or anything, I just don’t really care what people think.

Would I ever join this bunch of black face nutcase killers? Seriously, what would ever make people think these are the good guys?

I try to be nice, do the right thing, follow my own instincts and whatever feels right to me, so long as it isn’t hurting anyone else and I do care about that to some degree, not to the degree that I would become a slave to the idea.

I try to be a good person, but my definition of what a good person does and thinks is not based on propaganda and arbitrary laws or political brainwashing, it’s based on my own experience, and my own logic.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that we’re lied to from the day we’re born about everything, and it’s those lies themselves that cause the largest amount of suffering as we argue and go to war about such things as what race or religion you are.

We’re the government and we’re here to help you.

It’s now literally a war about vaccines, and whether you believe that an experimental vaccine and treatment philosophy for a new virus is safe and effective, or made up by psychopath eugenicists trying to wipe out the population of the world and control every aspect of our lives.

There’s two basic sides of the argument, so let’s weigh the pros and cons. On the one hand, if the virus is even real, and is what they said it is, then it killed slightly more people than the flu, usually when they were at an average age older than they ever lived to before over the entire history of the world, except for the last decade.

The vaccine is extremely virulent they say.

The immune system will adapt, like it did with every other virus, if given the chance to, and within a few years, it will be about the same as the flu is now, with the flu shot being less than half effective at best because it always mutates.

If the flu shot actually harms the human immune system’s ability to adapt on it’s own, if they just lied about it being beneficial to sell multiple vaccines every year ongoing forever, that’s a serious problem and a violent attack if forced on people.

They got a goddamn military man in charge of the vaccine rollout and they openly call it a war game which is what I said it was from the start.

If the virus was made in the lab and released on purpose, and they are trying to make money by killing people, or just trying to kill people, then that’s the most serious danger the human race has ever faced.

I’m absolutely convinced they are psychopathic nutcases trying to reduce the population of the world by any means necessary, not just trying to make money and install a totalitarian dictatorship worldwide.

This is a kid looking at world war three being forced by psychopaths at the expense of his future. Take off the mask.

The con side of trusting them with the lives of every single person on earth and giving them ultimate power to censor truth, inject any poison into anyone at any time is that the human race is going to be enslaved, and possibly sterilized and exterminated by the billions.

There is no pro side to me personally, I don’t care if old people die, because they always die, they were going to die anyway, and they already got the jab if they wanted it, end of story. But it’s never over with them.

Maximum strength bear spray, use only as directed.

One ninety year old woman died in Australia, and I’m supposed to care about that, and think that these weasel politicians care more than I do about that as opposed to everything else on the con side? No way in hell.

They got the shots to all the old people that wanted them, and anyone else who was dumb enough.

If they now try to come and force their crap on every single person some of whom would rather die or believe they are coming to kill them, the scale has tipped so obviously to the con side, it’s apparent to a majority now that it’s a con, a scam, an attack on us all.

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