The Corrupt Bumbling Idiot Act Is Getting Stale

There’s a good little puppet Biden, kneel at my feet and I’ll give you some more little girls to sniff. Does anyone see a problem with this? Said it was because the woman had 12 children.

The only people left in the “freedom movement” on YouTube are those who try to make light of the comedic aspects of the totalitarian takeover by pointing out the absurdity of the crimes of these people.

It’s a cartoon level of villain they’re making themselves out to be, which tells you a lot about their mindset, it’s kind of like the character Eminem did in his rap videos when he was on drugs, as opposed to a different persona when he wasn’t, allegedly.

So let me see if I get this straight, BLM is a Marxist organization that wants to destroy the nuclear family and start a race war to help bring in a one world fascist technocratic dictatorship? White people have to kneel, and black people have to kneel, because they’re annoyed at powerful elites who push systemic racism, like George Soros who funded them?

Everything’s a bizarre cartoon world and everything’s funny, even the genocide of millions, rape, torture, murder, it’s all a joke to them, because they don’t have the ability to feel emotions or guilt in a normal way.

Literally psychopaths and sociopaths, that’s the sort of people who are attracted to positions of power in the first place, but once they have money, and get money from doing shady deals, it’s a downward spiral.

It has been a downward spiral for a long time, but it’s hard to say exactly how bad it is, and how many people are aware of what’s happening.

Somebody asked me to pinpoint who “they” are again today, because I always talk about the almighty “they” as the people making all these changes to the world, with a selfish, evil intent.

When you tell me I’ll eat bugs and weeds and own nothing and be happy, put a computer chip in my brain to read my thoughts, while forcing all this covid crap down my throat which is just an excuse for your long planned great reset, I can’t even imagine why anyone listens to you.

I know it’s the WEF, they are trying to place themselves at the top of the pyramid, the UN, the WHO, working with the CCP, the Bilderberg group, club of Rome, the Jews, the Freemasons, skull and bones, the bankers, the media, big pharma, the list is quite long and you can’t necessarily say they’re all the same group.

You can’t even say everyone in their organizations agrees with the plan, or isn’t fighting against it, it’s just a generalization, but when you see them all repeating the lines of a script around the globe, it’s obvious who they’re working for.

Hand crank/solar flashlight radio and phone charger. You’re going to wish you had one of these if there’s a blackout, and they just had Cyber Polygon, a pre-planning event for hack attacks that could shut down power stations, from the same people who did Event 201. Be prepared.

With such a large group of power mad people, you can’t even say everything they do is bad, some of it is good, but it’s more that they shouldn’t even have the power to decide that everyone in the world will lock down, wear masks, take a vaccine, have a global ID, teach certain things in school, or anything like that.

They’re pushing their global power structure to the limits to see just how much power they have, and it wasn’t as much as they thought it was, and if they push it much more, they may lose the power they did have, because so many people see through their lies, and their endless money isn’t enough to make everyone a traitor.

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