How Do You Treat A Virus Before You Actually Have The Virus?

You may recognize this guy from the Plandemic movie, he’s an expert in innovation such as patents filed by these big pharma companies on technology they had, and he talks about the patents here.

It isn’t particularly entertaining, but the end point of the video, or the claim being made to Reiner Fuelmich to be used in his international court case is that they made SARS in the lab with gain of function and then messed around with it in the lab over almost two decades.

They took sections of DNA sequences which had no specific cut off point that could be used to designate the existence of a “virus” even where none existed, or where the regular cold and flu existed, and the main point of the video is demonstrating yet again, the openly stated fraud of the entire thing, from start to finish.

They came up with the patents for the treatments that were used, in the case of Moderna with “deliberate release of a coronavirus” on the patent application, days after patenting the viruses the treatments were meant to treat, or even years before the viruses were supposedly discovered.

I’m not going to bother trying to prove the claims being made in the video, he says that if you were an expert at the genetic sequences of what they patented and when, it proves that they made the viruses, or made the treatments before the official discovery of them in the “wild” which didn’t actually happen because you can’t patent anything that came from nature.

A reaction to the compilation of Poppy videos that predicts the coronavirus with masks, cotton swabs, etc. I checked out the time line of when the videos were published, and that’s the only way you could fake what she said if the videos weren’t published when they were said to have been published but they were, I checked.

I don’t need to try that hard, I saw Poppy the pop star tell you about the scary mask coming, with a spike protein covered virus on her mosquito net veil head covering, just by herself telling you over and over again, that she was telling you over and over again what was going to happen, years in advance.

I can make the case stronger, and maybe this does, but if you couldn’t be convinced by all the other evidence I’ve already laid out, this would be even less likely to convince you, particularly if you weren’t able to understand the scientific terms.

The amount of people who can understand the genetic codes they were actually patenting and the mRNA technology for making human cells into spike protein factories for one virus, or another, is so small, that you’d be talking to people who already knew anyway and probably who were the scientists responsible.

Given all that, it’s perhaps a step backwards that I even mention it at all, but the point I was trying to make is that there are experts looking into the obvious fraud they committed, on every level.

These people are now saying they’re going to censor our private text messages to check we aren’t spreading misinformation, which would be defined as anything that made them look bad, even if it is proven true.

I’m talking about people who fund sending rainbow dildo butt monkey freaks with convictions for pedophilia to read to your children, so trying to have a logical argument with these people is just moot at this point, they cannot be reasoned with, and the time for talk is almost over, if you don’t get it by now.

They’re liars, they’re criminals, they’re drug dealers, they’re communists or fascists, or whatever you want to call them. Satanists, pedophiles, murderers, everything.

That’s who they are, and while you can’t prove that they all are, why the hell would you be required to prove that they are all guilty of everything, when it’s enough that some of them are guilty of such serious crimes that remain unpunished because of systemic corruption on a massive scale?

The things that can be proven are enough. It’s enough that they’re trying to silence free speech, especially the truth, that’s enough of a crime.

Always good to have a baseball bat handy.

Trying to force experimental “medicine” on anyone, ever, is a violation of the Nuremberg code and is treason, and if the system protects traitors on this scale, it is itself a criminal organization, the whole damn thing.

They have been proven to be guilty of treason, among many other crimes, and if somebody doesn’t arrest them all quickly, we’re all screwed, and maybe I should have led with the rainbow dildo butt monkey freak coming for your children.

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