The Brave New World Of The Elite Monsters

Ironically, Brave New World by Aldous Huxley (that was the ten hour audio book version), is a book that was banned in some countries, and is still called for to be banned by some people, which is obviously wrong, to ban books.

I didn’t read the book, or listen to the full ten hour version, but I got the general idea, there’s a multiple caste society where people are conditioned to do what they’re told to do, by totalitarian psychopaths.

From what I heard, Aldous Huxley was himself one of the elites, and his brother Julian Huxley was also involved in the eugenicist new world order globalist takeover plot, even back then, which is how he got the idea for the book.

It’s hard to imagine a worse time to be in than right now, every single day I see a dozen things coming from the highest levels of power that demonstrate an absolute disdain for human beings generally and utter criminality and evil.

In saying that, there was always worse places to be in the world. South Africa is falling apart right now, along with Yemen, Cuba, Haiti, and probably half the world.

There’s also some hope for me, at a local level, I just watched a protest in Victoria, Australia, which was locked down a year ago to the point that people were afraid to step outside their house, and at times could only leave their house for an hour a day.

They were threatened to the point of arresting pregnant women for posting on Facebook about going to a freedom protest, even though it wasn’t illegal to do so.

On my Facebook group of over ten thousand people which used to be virtually 100% pro vaccine before I took over the admin role from a guy who just disappeared, there was a single pro vaccine comment today by someone who was said her job was to push vaccines and inject people.

She said I assure you this is the exact same vaccine that they used in 2004 for SARS, just get the vaccine and we’ll all be able to go back to normal.

I had to reply by direct message (because I’m constantly banned), to say the ferrets died in the SARS vaccine trial, and it was never used on humans, so if it is the same vaccine, and you were right, that would mean you’re killing people, by your own admission and the people she works for probably told her that.

I don’t think I’ll be hearing from her again, she blocked me, when she realized that I knew that she was injecting people with something that killed all the ferrets in a failed animal trial, (fact check says they euthanized them on purpose), without even knowing that’s what happened.

They were more likely to die when infected with SARS, which is why they didn’t even test it on humans, but I don’t think that’s the last I’ll be hearing about vaccines, call me crazy, I just got a hunch.

If you weren’t 100% convinced that these people are psychopath lying weasels trying to scam people, even trying to kill people on purpose, while imposing a dystopian nightmare worse than books like 1984 and Brave New World, every day brings more evidence of their horrific plot.

Still, I do have faith that the spirit of freedom will always rise from the ashes at some point, and the sooner it happens, the easier it will be to take our freedom back.

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