If We Lose That Will Be The End Of Humanity

Reiner Fuellmich has gathered a team of over a thousand lawyers, and ten thousand expert witnesses in his case against the elite globalists who he defines as being mostly controlled by the Davos group or the World Economic Forum.

I’ve been showing some of the interviews he’s had with people such as experts in patent law and the inventor of mRNA himself, and the evidence is mounting and the court case looks rock solid, barring the judge being bribed or threatened with death.

I’ve thought about threatening them with death, however I think the actual elites at the top may have thought about that, in fact they probably have weapons of mass destruction in their control such as more real biological weapons that can be released to even attempt this.

The main purpose of the release of this “bioweapon” which is no more deadly than the flu, was not primarily to kill people, but more to show their power over governments and media, rather than raw killing power, which I’m sure they also have, given they control the leaders of the superpowers.

In fact Biden has threatened his own people with nukes twice, and the level of evil we’ve seen demonstrated by these people suggests they might use them as a show of shock and awe as has been done in the past to other countries for no reason at all.

However, it would destroy themselves and their own plan, and any confidence the public had left in them if they did that, and in fact, it already has.

It has been shown over history that if you rule by terror alone, and everyone hates you, it won’t be long until your own men stab you in the back, or the soldiers mutiny, the people have a revolution, etc.

Their threats of cyber attacks, biological, chemical and nuclear weapons don’t actually stand up as threats if they’re killing everyone in the world anyway, and sentencing their children to a fate worse than death.

Learn more about the Nuremberg trials, buy this book or check out the prepping page, as you may find those things more useful.

You can’t actually threaten people with being nuked if what you’re actually doing is already worse.

You can’t nuke the city you’re actually in, unless you’re suicidal and insane, which they do actually seem to be, along with much of the deluded, brainwashed public, but regardless, that would also work in getting rid of them.

Threatening the world with hack attacks only works if the hackers are on your side, and if they’re mostly against you, then you’re screwed.

I seem to remember Julian Assange hacked NASA’s computers in his youth although that was apparently never proven, and it seems it’s getting harder and harder to prove anything at all.

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