Endgame 2050: Forced Depopulation Of Humans

I’ve been watching a fair bit of Alex Jones recently, who made the film Endgame: Blueprint For Global Enslavement, and this woman is telling you exactly what he’s been saying, but from the other perspective with her movie Endgame 2050.

For over twenty years, he’s been called a crazy conspiracy theorist, and been banned from every platform and called every name in the book for talking about eugenicists trying to depopulate the world by any means necessary, and here she is saying exactly what he was saying, with a positive spin.

You can actually buy this on Amazon now.

I’m not actually against reducing the population, I just think that people need to be free to choose to do it themselves, and for example, just as one example, they’re trying to say they’re saving the old people from dying, and that’s why they’ve destroyed all of our lives completely.

I thought they wanted to reduce the population? Or didn’t they? I said in the first month, I’ll kill them myself, I’ll shoot them in the head, or give them an injection that puts them to sleep quickly and painlessly, instead of slowly and painfully like they seem to want to do.

I don’t care if they’re that old, my grandma doesn’t even want to live anymore, just don’t lie to me and try to enslave me and sterilize me and kill me off slowly and terrorize the children.

If we have a population problem, number one I’m not causing it by having more children, I’d be killing myself faster if they let me be free to take whatever drugs I wanted, in fact I probably would have been dead a long time ago.

Every single thing they say they do publicly is a lie, which would work against that plan if they actually did what they said, apart from brainwashing women not to have sex with me, which is the only thing I really wanted.

If you said to the Nigerian people, maybe you should get sterilized, they might even agree with you, but you’d have to tell them, or they’d get real pissed off when they just suddenly got sterilized.

I don’t want to have children, but my primary driving instinct is to have sex, those things aren’t necessarily linked, or they don’t have to be.

If we just had an open conversation, I already would have agreed not to have any children, get a vasectomy, if you gave me something I wanted, because I don’t care.

Women are usually the ones who get the biological clock ticking in their thirties to have children, men just want sex, and I get that women don’t just want sex, they have a different programming, but I’m sure we could work something out without destroying everything and going into world war three based on lies.

What these feminist eugenicists might not understand is I’m more likely to want to kill a man who turns my woman against me with propaganda.

Who tries to cut my balls off and turn me into a woman with insane brainwashing and endocrine disrupting chemicals on the food, than I am to thank them for gaslighting me about the poisonous, deadly, sterilization process of their eugenics program as they’re doing it.

Ah, my balls! That was the number one rated TV show in the movie Idiocracy. Take a look at the fact check and remember who paid the billions of dollars to check the facts.

I don’t have anything else to do, I just hate them and everything they did to the world, and the thing I hate most is the lies, the endless lies and fraudulent tyranny forced down my throat, against my will as I’m denied of all freedom completely and any hope for a better future.

Like I said, too many people, just give me a gun, I’ll get rid of them for you, but it has to be people who deserve to die, or who were going to die anyway, and I’m saying that’s them, the globalists, and their brainwashed mind controlled slaves, after what they admitted they did to the world.

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