General Mark Milley Called Trump Supporters Nazi Terrorists

This guy wore a mask for about one day, but then he began threatening people with death if they didn’t wear one and said they were white supremacist domestic terrorists.

Sorry for the quality of the video, I got it off Bitchute after seeing it on Facebook, because it wasn’t on YouTube, for obvious reasons.

I heard more about this guy Milley on and it’s bad, it’s really bad, from what I can tell and it seems Fox news is banned as well to some degree.

It’s not just him obviously, and it’s not just the Democrats, I’ve said Trump appears to be controlled by them too, to some extent, although I’m sure he was threatened with death if he tried anything.

Is it true you’re a totalitarian bitch worse than Goebbels?

Jen Psaki said if misinformation is banned on one site, it should be banned on them all, after saying they’ll be censoring things people send in private text messages if it’s true in any way.

The last two pages I linked to were basically fact checks that said it didn’t happen, even though I saw her say she was pressuring Facebook to ramp up it’s extreme censorship of truth, it was the biggest news story in a long time coming from the Politico article.

I’m not sure if this book even covers all of the corruption and sex crimes on Hunter Biden’s lap top but it’s a full book.

Facebook already censored private messages sending “misinformation” about Hunter Biden’s lap top from hell on Facebook during the election, while CNN gaslights the claims Tucker made about the NSA spying on his personal emails as tin foil hat nonsense.

Psaki said they would be censoring misinformation about vaccines (actually the official deaths reported from VAERS data), by any means necessary, on all platforms and all methods of communication, but then in the next breath, she says they’re not doing it.

General Milley talks about how he wants to understand white rage, ok I’ll explain it to him, it isn’t white rage, they lied about people being white supremacist terrorists for protesting a totalitarian takeover of not just America but the world, by clearly stealing an election with fraud, among many other things.

Just keep repeating the same lie, you gotta catapult the propaganda. Dumb it down for the ignorant, drooling, retarded masses, the useless eaters, however you forgot about the smart people, didn’t you?

They were protesting about the people who made and released biological weapons on the world, on purpose, hyping it up with faulty tests, though it wasn’t really much more than the flu, but thoroughly manipulated by the media to make it seem a thousand times worse than it actually was.

In doing so, making it a million times worse than the flu. Complete lies, to force this totalitarian dictatorship that goes against the constitution, the Nuremberg code, democracy, freedom, justice, common sense, the law and everything true.

There’s two things here, he is a pants on fire liar, but the Politifact fact check on this funny photo of him, saying it was photo shopped, which it probably was, was paid for by Bill Gates, Facebook, Google and George Soros who also fact check claims about almost everything, and usually their claims are not true, or have extreme bias to one side, and it’s not the Democrat side, it’s the totalitarian one party, one world government side.

It’s so horrifically bad, the only reason I can imagine that nobody has arrested or killed the people responsible is there’s a chain of command, and it goes right up to the top.

Further than they even imagined was the top, “the president“, and most people can’t even believe they could ever be that evil, to their “own” people, but they just don’t even want to know.

They can’t comprehend the way the entire world could play along with lies and crimes of this nature, but they have little choice, the medical system in particular is completely totalitarian in nature, a pyramid of group think, that doesn’t actually rely on thinking from 99% of doctors at all. They might as well be a robot.

The problem with the UN is their human rights division is controlled by China and Saudi Arabia and that’s who we’re talking about.

This is how the army are also trained, to follow orders unquestioningly, and so it seems are the people of the world, or else, and they did threaten them with death.

Biological, chemical and nuclear weapons as well as cyber attacks, sanctions, jail, having their careers ruined, having their children’s fingers cut off, blackmailed with sex crimes, everything basically.

They made threats on everyone in the world, through their pyramid of power that they make the bold claim can reach anyone, anywhere in the world, at any time if they tell the truth and have an opinion that isn’t what they’re forced to believe.

Anyone see a plane in this picture? Bingo.

A guy who said he was from the Pentagon threatened me personally with jail or death for speaking out against them, and I’m not just saying that, I’ve been silenced on social media, threatened with death or jail, harassed by phone calls saying they’ll cut off my internet, for running a blog with a couple hundred views a day.

Other people are being pepper sprayed and kicked in the face in jail, just for being at the capitol protest, and journalists have been killed as recently as last week, or the week before, if not more regularly than that.

This is a communist takeover, or maybe a fascist takeover, let’s not split hairs about who these psychopath eugenicist globalist elites are, but it’s got absolutely nothing to do with the flu.

To believe these mad dog killers would care about that would be the definition of insanity, they made it on purpose, if it even exists, and they told you they did, a thousand times, that’s what’s so frustrating when dealing with the remaining clueless brainwashed sheep.

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