Did They Plan The Pushback To Covid Vaccines On Purpose?

A world of tighter top-down government control and more authoritarian leadership, with limited innovation and growing citizen pushback.

They mentioned the pushback to lock step in the Rockerfeller Foundation’s scenarios for future technology and international development from 2010.

That is just one of many documents that laid out what their future plans were, as is completely obvious from the title.

Let’s say you were trying to form a totalitarian dictatorship worldwide, while sterilizing and exterminating anyone who was insanely retarded, how would you go about it?

The president of the USA in Idiocracy

Well, you couldn’t just kill everyone, it would be important to have some sort of method of determining who had the high IQ and who didn’t, if you were trying to kill the stupid people, and certain undesirables, unless of course you were trying to kill the smart people instead because they were a threat.

There’s the financial incentive of selling endless amounts of vaccines and imposing total technocratic tyranny and censorship of any information they don’t approve of, but you also have to realize, they’re not just trying to make money and gain power.

Wow, just wow. He actually said that, and that was the leader of the popular movement known as eugenics which sterilized and exterminated millions and practically ended marriage and the nuclear family.

They already had all the money and power already, and the philosophy is probably more rooted in eugenics, as they explain themselves with their Malthusian inspired propaganda.

There are too many people in the world, at least according to them there is. There is a lot of land required to grow the grain to feed the cows and pigs to feed eight billion people, and that is about at the limit of what could be considered sustainable, if nothing changes.

As I’ve said before, you could maybe not throw out half the food, directly into the trash, every few hours in every fast food chain restaurant and in supermarkets.

That might make sense, if you had such a problem with sustainability. I don’t mind eating healthy salads, it’s more expensive than processed junk food, that’s maybe why I don’t buy as much salad, but I would if it was cheap and made well.

These insane globalist psychopaths who put forward these problems with sustainability are the exact people who could change those things by offering healthier food at a better price, and advertising that instead of vaccines that sterilize and exterminate you.

I hear you, I definitely want to kill you all, meet me outside, how bout that?

Because they began by saying fairly obviously, we’re completely evil, we’re trying to depopulate you and enslave you, but we’re going to pretend we’re the best people the world ever saw at the same time, half the people will never listen to anything they say ever again.

The approach of lying to people and following the most profitable investments, did not work, it made things ten thousand times worse at least for regular people.

The issues of sustainability and population control does have some legitimate talking points, but they’re just lying though their teeth about all of them whenever they talk to the masses, so nobody can trust them with anything, ever.

This being the case, if anyone doesn’t see the hoax they just pulled on the world, and fights to force medical tyranny on those of us who do see it, you’re a danger to freedom, democracy, sanity, morality, and perhaps even the existence of the entire human race.

Buy the DVD box set of Utopia, the original UK TV series and find out what I’m talking about, predictive programming, and a very entertaining, disturbing show.

I hope you die, because you need to, if you even go along with this crap, but particularly if you try to force it on everyone else in the world. It does not make sense, it is not better, the fact they have guns is not a reason to comply with totalitarian eugenicists.

There’s people dumb enough to get sterilized and exterminated because they couldn’t see what was clear as the nose on your face, and then there’s those who can see it, and they should be able to escape the genocide because they were smart enough to see it happening.

Here’s a short film called Utopia, (not the TV show which was also about the genocide), about what the world might look like in the future, if these insane nutcases are able to gain the sort of power they’re trying to get, and as I said over a year ago, we are at war.

It’s a real war, it’s literally world war three, and if they haven’t started using guns and bombs yet, I have a feeling they will soon, and they actually probably need to, but the question would be, where do you even start?

We know who these people are, at least some of them, but finding them where they are at the right time would require an organized campaign involving a large amount of very determined soldiers, who may find that motivation once they kill as many people as I think they’re going to.

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