Violations Of The Nuremberg Code In France

Hmm, a communist Fabian socialist tactic of the Zionist globalist bankers? Yeah, that guy Macron is a former Rothschilds banker.

What this woman is saying about the situation in France is horrifying, that apart from just being liable to be jailed for six months for going into bars and restaurants without taking an experimental gene therapy that killed unknown thousands in the EU alone, they want to ban you from getting life saving surgery in hospital.

I can’t confirm the plans of denying surgery, because I can’t confirm anything, at all. The entire mainstream media system and the medical journals, the government sites, big tech, search engines, they’re all infiltrated and completely untrustworthy.

A third of France took the jab, because they don’t want it, and I don’t know if you know what happens when you threaten a majority of the people with a vicious attack on their health and freedom with experimental poison that constitutes treason according to international human rights laws written up after world war two, but you’re in the right stance there, for a fight, you piece of crap.

“We’re going to expand the health certificate to the max to spur the maximum number of people to get vaccinated,” said Macron.

As a result of the evolution of the situation, we will doubtless have to deal with the question of obligatory vaccination for everyone, but I am betting on trust and I’m solemnly calling on all citizens to get vaccinated as soon as possible,”

I’m not sure if you heard me, but as I been saying for a year and a half, forced medical experimentation is a violation of the Nuremberg code, it’s treason, and you can legitimately and legally kill them in self defense, and as traitors to the country and it’s people if they try to do it, and it doesn’t matter how many times you fact check that, it’s still true.

I’m not making that up, there’s every reason to assume they’re trying to sterilize and exterminate people, the “pandemic” was based on lies, the entire story is so full of holes you could drive a truck through it.

They’re spying on people, censoring people, even on their private text messages, from sharing “misinformation” such as the actual data from their own government sites like VAERS which show that for one week recently, more people died from the covid vaccine than from covid.

The entire system is set up to fail and not provide accurate data.

The level of under reporting to VAERS may be as much as a hundred times, and I have heard many stories of medical workers who were told not to report injuries.

The vaccine doesn’t even work and I’m hearing 60% of new hospitalizations for “the delta strain” had two jabs, and I have to link to the fact check that says it isn’t true, to verify that the claim was made by a fairly reliable source and point out the fact check is funded by the same people doing all this.

So, this is a war, they are attacking people with biological and chemical weapons, you have to wake up and treat it as a war, or you may get killed or inured or lose all freedom forever.

Regardless of how many died from the shot, or how many died from covid, it’s totalitarianism and that’s worse, far worse than the flu.

It’s forced medical experimentation, it’s Chinese style authoritarian medical tyranny, and general tyranny, based on what is no more serious than the flu, for most people.

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It’s gone beyond the relative suffering of the cure being worse than the disease, and now it’s a battle for freedom for our children, and their grandchildren, to save them from living in a totalitarian Orwellian nightmare of a boot stomping on the human face forever.

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