Inventor Of mRNA: How Corrupt Are We Willing To Be?

Look at what these scum do, they put a line through anything true if it harms their agenda. I did a post about how they rewrote the Wikipedia entry to replace him as the inventor of mRNA with somebody else who didn’t invent it when he started speaking out against them.

I don’t know where the bottom is, how far are we willing to fall? How corrupt are we willing to be? How far are we willing to stray from evidence based medicine?

These are just some of the things the inventor of mRNA Robert Malone said about the actions taken by the big pharma and government corporations.

At first he called it “regulatory capture” which he then expanded on in this video, and said it needs to be called regulatory corruption.

We’re the good guys. We just have to reduce the population of the world, don’t worry, you’ll die slowly. The next one will really get their attention.

That’s where they own all the institutions, have them black mailed, bribed, threatened with death, to get their way, whatever it is they want to do to people.

Obviously they want to make lots of money and force vaccines on people, around the world, but that isn’t the only agenda here.

They’re eugenicist, transhumanist psychopaths, kind of like a giant collective of Satan worshiping serial killers, and I mean that’s actually what they are.

It’s not even just me who’s saying this, but even with his careful choice of words, the inventor of mRNA gene therapies himself says they’re out of control, corrupt, brutal, ruthless and insane.

He also said he wasn’t feeling suicidal, so if he dies any time soon, you know who did it. It’s perhaps such a large group you might not be able to charge anyone in particular, but you know who did it.

The same people who killed John McAfee after he tattooed Whackd on his arm, and said he was going to get killed by them.

These people are tyrannical monsters, the worst people ever to exist, but they’re still trying to act like they’re the good guys, and some people still believe them.

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When that last bit of trust is gone, and they know it, we just have to get rid of them, all of them, before they kill us all, and I’m not kidding around, I’ve been trying to tell people that’s what’s happening for the last year and a half, if not a lot longer, along with millions of others.

I hope that people will wake up in time for the armed forces of the world to turn on them all at once, and if they do just arrest these criminals, we win easily.

If they don’t, then I still don’t think they will win, but there will be blood, because they couldn’t be more obvious, and this is an attack on the entire population of the world.

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