Do Covid Vaccines Work At All?

I’m not going to try to participate in the discussion about “the science” because the entire thing is corrupt and full of lies, and it’s impossible to even have that debate.

They admit the vaccines aren’t effective, they don’t stop transmission, they don’t stop hospitalization, kids don’t die from covid, unless they have leukemia, or something like that, and this experimental shot caused tons of side effects, including death in kids.

Young people are more likely to die from a covid vaccine, but regardless of whether they died or got injured, or not, that’s also in the fractions of a percent, unless the thing was made on purpose to sterilize and exterminate them covertly, a soft kill weapon like I just assume it is, because it’s the only explanation for this insanity.

The psychological damage of this child abuse of faulty tests, faulty masks, keeping them home from school, plus an unsafe and unnecessary vaccine was and is enough for parents to go to war to protect them, regardless of how many old people do or don’t die.

Old people die, they always die, they were always going to die, there’s nothing you can do to stop them from dying, a less than half effective flu shot didn’t work when it was just that bad.

Now the side effects are a hundred times worse than they were in that shot, and the shot is more likely to kill young people than covid especially if it’s every year they “need” one to make them more and more likely to die.

Also, the eugenicist philosophy says that it would be better if they did die anyway, to save resources, because overpopulation is driving all sorts of environmental catastrophes that will eventually threaten everyone, but they can’t actually say that to people.

We’ll run out of fish in the ocean, when you do catch them, they’ll be full of plastic, the coal power plants put lead and arsenic in the soil, which absorbs into the rice and poisons the baby food.

I don’t know about Co2, but let’s say half of what they said was true about climate change, or there was some relevant point to the whole argument, like the oil and coal will run out, we can’t keep cutting down forests for farmland, etc.

They did make a convincing argument, about half the animal species in the world were wiped out in the last fifty years, by us, because there were too many of us, doing the wrong thing.

So if that is what they think, why would they say they were trying to save people, rather than pushing the idea of abortion, euthanasia, drugs, brainwashing the children that they’re gay or trans or getting rid of the nuclear family to reduce the population?

Because people won’t go for that, and maybe it’s reverse psychology, but I know they’ve been eugenicists for over a hundred years, same people trained Hitler, and what they say in private is very different to what they say in public.

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Given that they’re complete liars and can’t be trusted, and we don’t know how hard they’re trying to kill us, with cancer, sterilizing agents, wars, biological weapons, chemical weapons, nuclear weapons, cyber attacks, etc, we can’t possibly allow those sort of people to be in power at all.

Regardless of whether covid vaccines work at all, I don’t trust them at all, I won’t have my freedom of speech silenced, and if that ever happens completely, they’re doing it to hide their genocide, and you must fight or die, because this is world war three.

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