How Do You Take Down An Organized Criminal Gang?

To arms, citizens! Form your battalions
Let’s march, let’s march That their impure blood
Should water our fields That’s the French national anthem.

I got back on Facebook again, after two months solid of being banned, I’m so glad. Not really, I hate Facebook, but it’s somewhere else I can rant about stuff and tell them how much they suck.

I saw a video of this guy who said his girlfriend got the jab, and she also tested negative, and then they made them quarantine in a hotel for two weeks when coming back to his state of Australia, but then said they could quarantine at home, but then said he should be at the hotel.

So he was constantly worrying all day long about whether they should be at home, or paying for hotel quarantine even though there’s no virus here, and the test doesn’t work, and the jab is made to sterilize you, and that doesn’t work either, and did I mention there’s no covid here, and it wouldn’t matter if there was because they’re not going to die from it?

He thought that maybe it was about time to say something about it, but he was worried he might lose his Facebook privileges, the social credit scoring system of the new normal communist global dictatorship.

They just sterilized your girlfriend, for no reason at all, except she was dumb enough to do it, as part of a totalitarian criminal world takeover based on lies, complete lies. Well, maybe there are too many people in the world.

This kind of man is the problem with the world, if they weren’t so domesticated, they would have already killed half of these people, took half their guns, and had the numbers and the guns to tell them what to do, or else.

This is where your head really needs to be at right now, they’re scum, they’re the scum of the earth, drug dealers and war lords, the mafia, an organized gang of thugs and terrorists working for the rich elite.

Some people, even perhaps the people working within their ranks might have been brainwashed that they were on the right side of “the law” and therefore they decide who is a criminal.

No, I decided they were criminals, and that’s my firm, unwavering opinion, and I’ve got a mountain of evidence of their crimes, and I don’t need to prove it, that’s my opinion, and if I’m not allowed to even have an opinion, that’s further proof of their criminality and tyranny.

Governments of the past were based on who could convince people to follow them, and it was based on force, but usually based around some sort of religion that claimed to be righteous, and when they didn’t act righteous enough to deserve power, they got their money tables turned over, even at risk of painful death to the protestor.

They got their heads chopped off with a guillotine, they were overthrown in a revolution, and there was always enough of everyone else to do that, if they really had the motivation to do it.

Maybe not when it comes to armies of different countries battling each other, because it’s a head on battle, but even in that situation, one army is invading another country, and they will always get killed by some number, if they act like terrorist criminals, or just for the fact they were there at all.

Last century 250 million people or more were killed by their own governments, and that’s more than all those who were killed in wars with other countries, so the number one threat to the people, is their own government.

They are not likely to even realize that is the case, because they have the ability to brainwash them with propaganda and lies, brainwashing and mind control.

You should view the government, any government, as the enemy, an invading army of foreign puppets who are occupying you, at all times, because it is that, and it’s worse than being invaded for a short period of time.

Check out the slingshots on the market, they might not kill a person, but you might think twice before running towards them.

There is nobody worse for your freedom than your own government, and I used to list a bunch of reasons why I thought my government was better than many, but I never liked them, and now it’s just obvious I was a fool to tolerate them at all.

So how do you take them down? Millions of people are mad as hell with them, but they haven’t gotten to the point yet where they just pick up a large rock, or something of that nature and start doing what has to be done.

They will get to that point though, and if they don’t, then maybe they deserve to be sterilized, exterminated and enslaved.

BB guns are mostly sold out at the moment, but you should be able to find one if you look hard enough.

There’s only so many more videos of cops beating up a woman or little girl that I can take, and if you are a cop, arrest those scum, kill them, they’re criminals, and if you don’t know who I mean, you’re one of them.

If you don’t police your own, arrest all criminals who break the law, especially those in charge, we’re coming for you, and you’ll be lucky if it’s bb guns.

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