The World Has Had Enough Of Compliance With Tyranny

I’m talking to two very different types of people these days, those who cling to big brother as though the government was a family member that you could trust to call you selfish filthy animals for protesting a fascist dictatorship taking over your country, and those who get it.

There’s not many people who are on the fence at this point, they either believe that the government is doing this for your health and safety, or they believe they’re absolute scum trying to black mail people with the fact that old people die of the flu to steal all your money and enslave you.

This woman had both legs and hands amputated after getting blood clots, after a covid vaccine, but they say she got covid, so would she have been better off if she hadn’t had the covid vaccine and taken ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine? Probably. This is why they take years to test a vaccine, and by now, I don’t trust anything they say, ever.

The old people who were “at risk” which is a very relative term, had their experimental death shots which killed easily a hundred times more of them than covid, in Australia, because there were only three people over 80 that “died” this year.

I use the term died in quotes because you die when you’re old, you always do, and I don’t want to live until I’m 90, particularly if it destroys society completely for the children.

The flu always existed, the flu shot doesn’t work, old people die, and you can’t do any of the stuff they said that you could do, and the people who said you could planned this attack on the world for a decade or longer.

Millions of doctors and experts spoke out about this scam, and were silenced as they explained how they banned the cure, it’s murder, and things of that nature, I don’t know what’s proven to be true except they’re lying and I’ve had enough.

The WEF was part of the tabletop exercise of event 201, a fictional coronavirus that took over the world, he had this book already written and released it immediately after, a couple of months later.

I have to estimate it’s over half the people who know by now, this is the great reset, the fourth industrial revolution, where you will own nothing and be happy, as they try to force an Orwellian nightmare that would make Orwell turn over in his grave.

I’m not having it, as I told the idiots trying to track me for a virus that doesn’t even exist as far as I can tell, which they know doesn’t exist here, I’m not putting up with any of it anymore.

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If I have to go to jail, or die, I won’t let these people steal the once great country we had, the once great world we had, to force an agenda of fear and medical tyranny.

I am so sick of talking about this at this point, but there is nothing else to talk about, if they don’t stop doing what they’re doing, we have to stop them, with force if necessary, to prevent the world from being destroyed.

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