Treasonous Orders Must Never Be Followed

I am just one man, I have no more or less power than any of the millions of other citizens of this country, or the billions of other citizens of the world, at least in theory.

It is only by having a collective that you gain power, and if you have a conflict between powerful groups, even within a group, you may get a war, and this is world war three, whether you realize that it is, or not.

They expected and caused the pushback to operation lock step, it was in fact a major part of the plan to gain totalitarian control, because if everyone had just gone along willingly with this they wouldn’t have the supposed justification for taking complete control of everything, in the world, including free speech.

The great reset was a plan to destroy everything, and then build back better, you will own nothing and be happy, after attacking the world with biological weapons or more specifically insane propaganda, hack attacks, riots, race wars, crime, civil wars, famine, injections of deadly poison, and possibly even nuclear war.

Does that sound at all familiar, or did you not notice what has been happening? It’s hard to convince some people that this is their big move for a new world order, if they haven’t gotten it by now, but I’ll try again to dispel the myth that this is about a virus.

I was just talking about the black plague which wiped out 60% of Europe, apparently, and how this wasn’t just 600 times less deadly, it was even less than that because we live twice as long on average, as we did back then.

That was a bacteria, we have antibiotics now but we also have better health and hygiene, our immune system adapted and that immunity was inherited, and it mutated to be less deadly than it used to be, that’s why we don’t have any real problem with the black death though it still exists today.

That’s right, the black plague still exists today, but we care about covid. Oh my God, the covid 19, what a scam.

I saw the head of the CDC say that covid killed twice as many children as the flu, and their own figures on their own site show it didn’t kill half as many, which everyone knew when she said it recently, and they probably just called the flu deaths covid. Obvious troll is obvious.

My honest opinion is that in the vast majority of the world, if not all of it, there was no covid, they just said there was, and that’s all it took, one source of fake news corrupted by criminal liars.

How were there cases and deaths spread all around the world all at the same time, in the space of a month or two? There weren’t, it’s as simple as that.

There actually weren’t, the Tanzanian president tested a papaya fruit and it tested positive, then they killed him, because he showed them up as liars, and he wasn’t the only one, I’m speculating that they killed him, but not much, I got threatened by a guy at the Pentagon with death myself.

I was arguing for a long time they made the virus in the lab and released it on purpose because they told you they were going to do all of this for years, but with that level of control of the media and scientific institutions, they don’t even need to have a virus, at all.

There may be a biological weapon that they released on purpose, but it could not have spread as far and as fast as they said it did, because if you look at the rate of spread we have seen since then, we know it does not spread like that.

If it did spread like that, all over the world in a month, then the lock downs would not have stopped it, and we all would have had it a year ago, and obviously if the virus exists, that makes them more guilty for releasing it on purpose, and those are the only two possibilities.

That faulty model from Neil Ferguson would have happened regardless of masks and lockdowns, which did not work, if their numbers were correct, but they were completely false, and he’s been wrong countless times before, perhaps paid to make doomsday predictions for big pharma profits.

End of story, it didn’t happen like they said it did, or would, if it happened at all. It was a hoax, a scam, a lie, a fraud, a simulation of a deliberate release of a lethal respiratory pathogen, the basic gist is, even if covid exists, it doesn’t exist.

Why did people fight masks so hard? They don’t work, which is incredibly obvious, you don’t need a study to see it, and if you set the precedent that you can be forced to follow insane nonsense like that, we’re screwed.

Every part of it was a fraud, the masks don’t work, the tests don’t work the social distancing and lockdowns don’t work, the vaccines don’t work, the trillions of dollars they spent, we can’t afford, and the entire premise of the idea is faulty.

You get the flu, you don’t not get the flu, old people die, you can’t lock down billions of people, masks don’t work and the flu shot doesn’t work over half the time.

That’s a fundamental error in their logic which I saw immediately, and I knew it was a fraud immediately, which was backed up by my research and I was not alone by any means.

You will have no limbs, and you will be happy. How about no?

What I discovered was they are the most evil group of criminal scum ever to exist, and that’s hard to do, but never have so many people been subjected to such mental torment, for so little reason.

The physical torture is bad as well, like I saw a woman with both hands and both legs amputated after taking the covid shot, and they chose to do that, just as an example, here it happened to another woman and they said they redirected blood flow to vital organs at the expense of her limbs.

Don’t even try to help me you sick piece of crap doctors OK? I’d rather die than get that sort of help, I don’t even know how to put a do not resuscitate order on myself, but don’t ever do that with me, just give me the gas, I think forty is old enough, and I believe in endless reincarnation.

When these people are suffering in this situation, it’s usually because they caused them to suffer, they banned the cure it’s murder, if they needed a cure at all, and of course they planned the entire thing a decade in advance.

They told you they were going to do all of it, and I’ve laid all of that out before, I don’t need to do it again, they’re criminals, it’s proven, the only thing left to do is wake up the other half of the world.

They don’t want to believe it, but they can’t logically deny the proven facts like there were freedoms taken away that weren’t theirs to take and so many holes in the “science” that you have to say they are blatant liars and they know full well they are, all of them.

I call on the police and army members to join with the people on the “right” side, and I don’t mean the right wing side, I mean the side of truth, justice, democracy and freedom, the core virtuous beliefs of the society I was raised to believe had some merit in preserving.

You don’t have to take them down, I think you should, all the way down, six feet under, but you can’t follow treasonous orders and not be charged guilty yourself, which is what they’re asking you to do, or will be soon.

The Nuremberg code is the basis of the charge of treason, but there are many other crimes they have committed in the last two years.

That’s basically the ultimatum, and not mine alone, you’re either with the people, or you’re with the terrorist criminals controlled by a group who directly planned this terrorist attack on the world.

Bare in mind the law says the whole government works for us, the people, for the greater good, even if the majority of the people have been brainwashed with lies to go against their own best interest, which they have been.

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If you are given an order to commit treason, to attack your own people, for doing nothing, living their lives as free citizens, you have to disobey the order, and possibly arrest or kill your commanding officer, if not legally, morally you have to do that, and you are ordered to do that, by the people or else you will likely face the same fate yourself if you don’t.

Most people are just looking to have the freedom to work, play, go to school, breathe, peacefully exist in their own country, but what I am looking for is justice done for these horrific monsters, Nuremberg trials, if you even need a trial, and the death penalty for all of the most complicit in this evil scam.

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