The Death Cult System Gets Rejected

It’s hard to explain what’s going on to people that don’t already know, but I’ll try again, for those who haven’t been watching the alternative media.

The people in “power” are lying weasels, that’s an understatement, they are spreading deadly lies that are proven false by their own data, and the only people who don’t see it are brainwashed so thoroughly you could almost call it hypnosis, or cult indoctrination.

There is actually a cult that runs this thing, the Sabbatean Frankists, who are also connected to the Luciferian Freemasons, sometimes called the illuminati, the Jacobins, the Jesuits, skull and bones, Satanism or whatever, it’s all basically the same thing because it’s all infiltrated.

Karl Marx was ethnically a Jew, but said religion was the opiate of the masses, suggesting he may have had another philosophy.

They have a plan for a new world order where religion is torn down, where sin is worshiped and decadence is encouraged, they basically think you have to descend to the worst possible depravity and destruction possible, which will force God to save the earth, from them.

Bizarre, Satanist logic, that basically amounts to I have power because I’m capable of anything, so the more evil I can demonstrate myself to be, the more power I have, kill me if you can, but you can’t because I have the power.

You might dismiss this as a crazy conspiracy theory, but Epstein was Jewish, he was blackmailing powerful elites, like Bill Gates.

By the power of Greyskull! I am the great I am! I have the power! They’re completely nuts, no use trying to do math or logic with them, you almost certainly have to kill them all, before they kill you, which is going to be hard.

Most people who aren’t Satanists don’t usually like war, or death, but they are forced into resistance by the madness they’re seeing spewing from the governments of the world, who are all puppets of these elite globalist nutcases.

Don’t ask me to go over the covid stats again, doesn’t matter, the amount of deaths from the flu, or even the deadly experimental shot mean nothing in the scheme of things, because if we don’t defeat them, we won’t even want to live, and won’t deserve to.

It’s a matter of utmost importance because at the very least we know they’re corrupt, we know they’re liars.

At the worst, they’re insane, ruthless, terrorist, eugenicist psycho killers, and we can not allow ourselves to be conquered by them to the point they can inject us with poison at any time.

They’re not even a majority of the population with their cognitive dissonant mind controlled slaves, let alone the full Satanic death cult part.

Reject it, all of it, speak loud, have confidence, and know you’re right, don’t just think you’re going to win, know you will, because we have no alternative, and your spirit will be, infectious.

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