Lick The Boot That Kicks You

This is Bill Gates, the eugenicist pedophile mass murderer with some of his favorite books, what’s that one on top?

I’m no longer playing into “the science” debate, the math of who died, how many, it’s all lying with statistics and is completely irrelevant and fraudulent.

We’re in a war for the soul of humanity, to determine how our children and grandchildren will live for decades to come.

People have grown soft, domesticated, fearful, obedient, and perhaps they lost the ability to do much about this sort of government tyranny, because they weren’t even expecting it to happen.

In Australia, we never really had many guns, and we gave up some of them, but there are still millions of them somewhere in the public, probably mostly among hardcore conservatives, and a few gangs like the one percenters.

I saw these criminal liars say you should avoid talking to people, you should avoid doing online shopping because people had to go outside to deliver packages to get it to you.

They said they’re working through the details of what happens if you’re at a football game and the ball gets kicked into the crowd, and you might accidentally touch it, and catch covid.

Back to a 5 km radius for any travel outside of your home like in Victoria last year, because less people died of the flu than always died, every year over the entire history of the world and the vaccine killed and injured a thousand times more people.

Carrying them off in handcuffs, tackling them to the ground, elderly men and women being violently assaulted and kidnapped for living their lives, after the death shot had already been given to those who wanted to die and get injured for no reason at all.

Yes germophobia and OCD are a real, debilitating mental illness, but these criminals are promoting it, like giving tips on sticking your fingers down your throat to anorexics until they die of starvation.

It doesn’t work, it never did, due to that fact, it always causes more suffering, and there is no deadly virus, or no more than there ever was before. I do not take this as a joke, or accept them to be mentally ill, obsessive compulsive germophobic freaks whose mental illness must be tolerated.

These monsters claim to posess the power of men with guns, whose salary we paid, to serve the people, and keep the peace, and that’s completely unacceptable, and they all must be tried and executed for treason and crimes against humanity.

If you see them on the street, kill them, it’s perfectly legal and justifiable, they are terrorists guilty of treason, fraud, murder, torture, kidnapping, theft, libel, intimidation, pretty much everything and there should be a reward offered to bring them in dead or alive, and there would be if the same murderous criminal gang wasn’t in “power”.

Power is an illusion, it’s a mind game, it doesn’t mean anything, they cast a spell by writing some words on a piece of paper, I just did the same here, and it’s based on common law, it’s based on self defense, it’s based on the majority of the people agree these scum have to go, one way or another.

Take me to court for saying that, a descendant of the original inhabitants who were all but genocided, I’ll ask you to prove that covid exists, I’ll ask you to prove the PCR test detects it, I’ll ask you to prove that masks work, lockdowns work, vaccines work, for a virus that doesn’t exist or looks to be the about the same as the flu if it does.

Check out this tactical pen, and see more great stuff on the prepping page.

I’ll ask you to prove that kidnapping, torture, murder, fraud, censorship, treason and crimes against humanity, violations of the Nuremberg code can be justified because the same amount of old people died at the same time they always do.

If it isn’t, and it’s killing more people doing this insane crap, causing more suffering, which it is, self defense is legally and morally justifiable, and I’m tired of waiting for the people who have been preparing for war for over a year to reach the point where enough is enough.

2 thoughts on “Lick The Boot That Kicks You

  1. So I’m very confused. Yes I think it’s time to fight back. But a Few times here you gave a lot of blame to President Trump. You never once mentioned Biden and his radical administration. Trump was fighting the hard fight. He did a lot of good for our people wow constantly being attacked and investigated and wrongly impeached. So who do you think needs to be in charge? Do you think anyone can do anything right? Trump head the media the Democrats and the scientists constantly attacking him. Now we have a president letting in people through our borders do you know it’s supposed pandemic. Trump wanted to investigate the Wuhan lab and they all said it was a lie and a conspiracy theory. So jealous… Who has done anything right here? I wonder what your political affiliation is… Very difficult to figure that out.


    1. Well, Biden is obviously one of them, at the time I kind of liked Bernie, but then I just realized all the presidents are chosen by the cabal, including Trump, who was supposedly the only one who didn’t mention the new world order in speeches. They had two members of skull and bones running against each other. The Bush family are three generations of skull and bones, brotherhood of death, headquarters called the tomb, and John Kerry is also a bonesman. Luciferian Freemasons, the illuminati, all stemming from the same sabbatean frankist Jews who invert their own book and worship sin to try to destroy the world so much it will bring the return of the messiah and fulfill the prophecy of Revelations, mark of the beast, etc. Trump is a plant, Qanon was a psy op, I sort of think the Republican side is “better” but the better option is getting rid of the power of these people, maybe do a random lottery for who will lead us on live TV, and that would be better.


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