Human Rights Up For Sale To Terrorist Scum

I want to be real clear about what I’m saying here, these terrorists are trying to force deadly experimental poison on children and young people that is more likely to kill them than the virus, particularly seeing as it doesn’t work, and is bound to fail most of the time, like the flu shot, due to endless mutations.

Tens of thousands killed by the shot, and it doesn’t stop transmission, at all, right out of the mouth of Fauci, they have the same amount of virus in their nose, and he was also the one who said masks don’t work, just before he said they did and to wear two of them.

He’s a Luciferian Freemason, does the hand signs, he’s a literal Satanist, Trump is also one of them, does the 666 hand sign, constantly.

They’re Satanic pedophiles. Sabbatean Frankist, Luciferian Freemason terrorist, eugenicist, criminal scum. The head of the WHO is a communist terrorist from Ethiopia owned by China, not a doctor.

They’re not trying to help, they’re trying to sterilize and exterminate people, we can’t let them win this war, and if most people don’t get what’s going on to that level, they definitely know they’re insane to do what they’re trying to do.

They’ve pushed us to the worst situation the world has been in since world war two, not because a new flu exists that’s about as deadly as the flu, but because of everything they planned to do about it, for years in advance.

Seeing as you take credit for operation warp speed, I’ll continue to point out how you are a Satanic pedophile, one of them.

They’re psychopaths, criminals, totalitarian monsters who want to cause such devastation in the world to bring about the coming of the messiah, that’s their religion, they’re nutjobs, not doctors.

They silenced a million world reknown experts including the guy who invented the mRNA shot himself, as they said this is not science, they’re trying to kill people, nothing they do is justified, they banned the cure it’s murder.

I am sick of saying it, but almost every day I see threats from these scum, trying to force people to inject poison for no reason, ignoring the fact they don’t need to do anything at all, and half the people are ready to kill them.

People always got sick, they always get sick, you get the flu, you don’t not get it, that’s insane and dangerous nonsense that they somehow convinced people had some basis in science.

The entire problem is them forcing their medical tyranny on people which caused much, much worse suffering and the solution is removing their power altogether, by any means necessary.

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