These Horrific Monsters Must Be Stopped

I’ll see if I can explain what’s happening based on their own numbers, which are wrong, complete lies, but if you just use their lies, you can show they’re brutally insane.

For most people under 60, or without a terminal illness, there was no extra risk at all, compared to the flu.

But there was devastation of the economy, jobs, businesses, suicides, delayed medical treatments, curfews, lockdowns, sprayed with pepper spray, arms broken, people arrested and killed, starvation of millions in the third world, causing more deaths, and far worse suffering than the people who died of, or with covid, on average around 80 years old.

Saw them doing exactly this in one African country and they ripped open the coffin, and it was empty. Photo op for the cameras.

They began the vaccination push with the elderly people, and that’s mostly done now, it doesn’t stop transmission at all, and so if it worked like they said it did and stopped symptoms, there is no longer any increased risk.

No risk at all is a complete myth, there were tens of thousands of deaths and millions of injuries reported from the covid vaccines, even in the initial trials of thousands, which is a greater risk to young, healthy people, so at this stage, they’ve turned into totalitarian terrorists, trying to injure our kids, undeniable to anyone.

Can you do this? I mean, seriously, can you sterilize the world, the entire world? What the fuck do you think you retard?

We’re just sort of getting ready, waiting for the penny to drop among the general public, among people in the armed forces, for them to realize the extent of the war we’re in and choose a side.

You might say they already chose a side by still being a politician, doctor, police officer, army member, however by no means do they all agree with what’s going on.

Sterilize the imbeciles, that was the plan, and it’s going swimmingly.

They can’t talk about it publicly, or they’ll lose their job or worse, but they are talking about it, and that sort of word of mouth, one on one conversation about what to do about these terrorist scum in power takes a while to work.

This is why the people haven’t yet gone directly to war with them, they’re being given a chance to see the obvious truth and the pure evil of these monsters destroying our society based on lies and a long planned attack to bring about a totalitarian dictatorship worldwide through sick medical tyranny.

However, they’re planning to deny access to medical care, jobs, school, essential services, concerts, pubs, and so on for not putting yourself and your children at a greater risk of death or injury by taking this shot, if you’re not in the risk group for covid, and as I said, that’s basically the flu, some people have an immune system that can’t adapt to fight it.

The flu doesn’t exist anymore? If you have symptoms you have covid says dictator Dan Andrews. The covid killed more children than the flu said the CDC director when she knows we all know that she’s lying through her teeth.

They’re lying through their teeth, and so many times now it seems they want us to know they are, and they want us to rise up and kill them.

It will happen, but maybe in just a little while longer, when we have a greater chance of wiping them all off the face of the earth, which is the only thing you could reasonably be asked to do.

The question is, who has to go, and who is stopping them from being gone?

One thought on “These Horrific Monsters Must Be Stopped

  1. I have had people ask me, “You aren’t vaxxed? Have you at least got tested? What would you do if you gave covid to your sister?”

    I answered, “Well, first of all, covid is computer generated BS. Do you remember who said this vaccine was the best investment he ever made, let me help you, it’s Kill Gates. Do you remember what his first financial venture was? It was Computer Viruses. Do you get the connection?”

    ” Also, here’s another connection, his daddy, Gates, Sr., Who started The American Eugenicist and daddy was friends with Margaret Sanger and daddy was a Head of Planned Parenthood. They are all Eugenicist.”

    ” Even Gates’ butty (I spelled it correctly) his UK butty Bo Jo, same thing, daddy, Stanley Johnson, is a big racist Eugenicist.”

    “Then there’s Gates and Rottenfeller (Rockefeller), such a “DIE” namic DUO, they have murdered and crippled people, especially children, this is a continuation of their Killinthropic (philanthropic) DEEDS they spread Worldwide.”


    ” Research these SNAKES then you had better pray cause Killer Gates and Fraudi (CONFLICT OF INTEREST FAUCI WORKS FOR GATES AND THE NIH OWNS HALF OF MODERNA) Killer Gates and Fauci have loaded up every VAXXED human with a ticking time bomb.”

    ” Get tested? Why? A test that ain’t a test for a vaccine that’s not a vaccine and for a virus that was never isolated, so it’s a virus that never existed.”

    “And one more thing, do you remember the stats for this made up BS virus? They were, for all ages, 95 to 99.9% RECOVERY! Furthermore, the inflated fraudulent deaths were deaths that never should have happened because any and all people who are sick are told to go home, stay home for 14 to 20 days and SELF TREAT, and they are refused any and all medical treatment, then when you can’t breathe you are told to go to the hospital where you will be INTUBATED and DIE. THE HOSPITAL GETS $39,000.00 for INTUBATING AND KILLING YOU!”

    “This is still the Protocol even after numerous well established doctors went before Congress several times and provided data and evidence that HCQ and Ivermectin have saved 1,000s of lives. Hospitals are still refusing to treat patients with either of these long time successful FDA approved medications. I guess they only get the $39,000.00 for the intubation killing of the so-called covid patients. And now when the injured VAXXED go to the hospital to get murdered the hospitals and the media LIE saying it’s the UNVAXXED or the UNVAXXED infected VAXXED with the even deadlier VARIANT, that also has never been isolated therefore these VARIANTS do not exist!”

    “Speaking of killing patients It has come out recently that all the elderly and disabled in nursing homes, world wide, were not injected with the so-called vaccine they were injected with a lethal concoction of MIDAZOLAM and MORPHINE.”

    “And lastly, the media and even Psacki, Psaki, have repeatedly LIED, telling the public that this VAX is FDA APPROVED when it is fraudulently EUA, fraudulent because it could not be EUA if there were other medical treatments available, and as I said earlier there are two medications. HCQ and Ivermectin, both proven to be successful treatments, both widely used, both FDA approved, and both medically endorsed. BUT IF these medical treatments were recognized the KILL SHOT VAX could not be EUA authorized. HCQ was blatantly LIED about in Lancet Medical Journal which Lancet was later forced to retract but the intentional harm was already done. AND wide spread LIES and misinformation was done across the media to deliberately discredited Ivermectin They continue their mass genocide in order to get to the population written in granite on THE GEORGIA GUIDE STONES. This their deadly conspiracy to reach their goals: Build Back Better, Agenda 2030, and The New World Order.”

    “Check out the CDC VAERS that only represents 10% of the latest VAX injuries and VAX death toll numbers in the U.S. You are welcome to the shot with my name on it as well as all the boosters that are coming in the future.”

    “Shot to the ARM, shot to the HEAD, either way YOU END UP DEAD.” Steve Quayle


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