Making Excuses For Terrorists

This guy is literally a communist terrorist, kind of like the head of the WHO, telling lies for scum that kill people, literally. BTW he works for Microsoft, he got an award from them.

Every time I see people try to “debate” me on these issues, I get the feeling they’re actually being paid by the communists directly, and sometimes that’s true.

Like there was this one guy who had an avatar of a unicorn stomping white pride, his said his kid was transsexual and his wife was a nurse, he supported Antifa, and every true thing I said that wasn’t communist propaganda, he just said you’re dumb, that’s nuts, prove it, and I did and he still said I didn’t prove it.

The CCP fist, the BLM fist, not the only hand symbol he does, he also likes the 666 sign, the sign of the horns, and the sign of silence among others, seriously look up what that means.

Couldn’t deny the truth of what I was saying, couldn’t argue the points on their merits, just said if I don’t believe that the government and the medical system are trying to help people, but are actually doing the opposite at the top, I’m a tin foil hat wearing loon, unless it’s Trump and his supporters, which would of course therefore invalidate the entire argument anyway.

This dipshit loser, (which is what everyone called him), was on a site where his opinion was the vast minority and with some of the things other people were saying, I could only draw the conclusion that they were trolls or paid trolls even bots.

What that means is they will pay people to go into a group of anti vaxxers and laugh at what they’re saying, as if it’s crazy, as if it’s the most crazy thing they ever heard of, even after they probably saw their child’s life ruined before their own eyes.

Gaslighting pieces of crap, sell out monsters, or sometimes literally not human at all, just a piece of AI mind control software.

The inventor of mRNA injections said how corrupt are we willing to be?

These vaccines are unsafe, you should use the medications that have been around for years, and then they wrote him out of the history books as the inventor of the shot and he fears they will kill him for speaking out.

That’s crazy, they say, he never invented mRNA, that’s a crazy conspiracy theory, and when you see them being that obvious, lying for these big pharma scum, that’s when you know they’re psychopaths.

My opinion of full blown psychopath Satanic pedophile cult members trying to impose a communist dictatorship, a new world order, where you will own nothing and be happy, eating bugs and weeds as they rape you with electric cattle prods and harvest your organs for sale in death camps, is you have to kill them all.

If you don’t know what this means by now, you don’t know nothing.

Other people have other views, but when they’re coming for your children, pedophile, psychopath, murdering, torturing, lying weasel pieces of crap, you should at least disable them.

Maybe cut their tongue out so they can’t speak, try to stop them from being a danger to themselves and everyone around them, because when it’s that obvious that it’s causing far more death and injury and mental pain, we are in a war, and they are the terrorists just by being on that side of that “debate” of the attacking army of scum.

I know the general opinion among freedom fighters is we’re trying to be the good guys, but if you try to be the good guys with a ruthless gang of criminals, even if you outnumber them, they will take everything you have, rape your family and burn your house down.

The way to deal with it is to never let yourself get into that position in the first place, but it’s not even that hard to fight people who have guns using knives or a bow and arrow, or even a large rock, if you have the numbers, or even if you don’t, just takes coordination and determination.

Do we have the numbers though? I don’t imagine that a majority agrees with forced medical experimentation, or putting up tents outside quarantined citizen’s houses as though it was the movie E.T. based on a test that the inventor of the PCR test said can’t tell you if you’re sick, or not.

This virus, (if it even exists), was less deadly than the flu for most people, and if the vaccine worked, (which it doesn’t), then those at risk people who wanted it already took it, and it doesn’t stop transmission, at all.

Look at the eyes, the eyes of the demon.

It is less deadly than the flu now, for everyone, and even if it wasn’t, you can’t remove all risk and they already killed more people by trying at all.

Their “efforts” were literally more deadly than covid was by starving people to death with lockdowns, driving them to suicide, as their businesses were ruined, driving us into a great depression mentally, and financially, which did and will kill more people, not just 80 year olds.

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That’s why we can’t let these scum continue to destroy the world, we can’t let them think they have the right to do that, we may have to kill them all, because they’ve gone mental on the level of a fundamentalist terrorist cult member which is what I’m saying they are.

It’s a religion, of Satanism, Luciferian Freemasonry, Sabbatean Frankism, the Jesuits, the illuminati, a literal death cult, and I don’t care if they don’t think that’s what it is, that is what it is, and if you’re with them, you’re a traitor to your country, freedom, and humanity.

I went to the doctor’s office today and they asked me to scan a QR code or fill out a form that said my name and address and phone number, and I said no.

She said I have to fill it out, to get medical treatment because they want to track a virus that doesn’t exist, with a test that doesn’t test for it, so I put a cross through it, threw it at her, and said I’m not coming here anymore, fuck you. If you take orders from the top, you are the devil’s foot soldiers.

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