No Regrets, No Apologies

The masked bandit reveals her ugly face. Did anyone happen to tell you that masks don’t work? Did they?

Just got my thirteenth 30 day ban on Facebook, for saying women are freaks, in response to a woman beating the hell out of a man shaped punching bag.

Did I seriously mean all women are freaks? That’s like saying all people are freaks, but there’s enough of them that you can say that, as a joke, or you should be able to say that and not get silenced for hate speech, bullying and terrorism.

What the hell is that? I don’t even know what I can or can’t say, but I know I’m not stopping saying it for these people.

It wasn’t even a person deciding that it was, it’s an automatic algorithm, written by nutjob psychopath totalitarian scum trying to implement an AI mind control dictatorship with social credit scores something like Chinese communism.

If it was just Facebook, that would be one thing, but here these scum are saying people can’t leave their homes, they can’t talk to each other, they can’t see their family, or go to work, or go to school, any time they decide, with no end in sight.

My opinion is and was you probably have to fight an actual war with them, like when the Nazis invaded France, I didn’t actually get a gun myself, but I know there’s millions out there, even within the army itself, and it’s not even a minority opinion after seeing this crap.

I’m more like the loud mouth diversion to the actual resistance force who will be showing their presence soon enough if they are pushed much further, not just as an army of women and children and business owners marching by the tens of thousands as they get pepper sprayed indiscriminately for walking down the street.

Not only is it insane to try to do this, because a handful of people died somewhere around eighty, less than one in a million of the Australian population this year, it’s a direct provocation of war, and is treason, literally, based on multiple laws.

A hundred times more people died after taking the vaccine, or they confirmed at least as many deaths from the vaccine as from the virus this year, young women mostly, many more were reported, or even not reported, swept under the rug, on purpose.

Buy a paddle to support the site.

Forty six thousand adverse events or more, only twenty percent took it so far, and at least one of those vaccines had the initial trial paused, started again, banned in two dozen countries, started again, only for over fifties, started for kids again, transverse myelitis and blood clots for everyone or enough to make it worse than the disease for most people.

It only works half the time, if at all, doesn’t stop transmission, and even if it worked to reduce symptoms, (like the therapeutics did without the side effects), it would never end, you’d have to take it forever, which at least half the people decided they’re not doing.

No way they can or will take this much longer, they can’t take it even as long as they have, you poisonous, treasonous, tyrannical monsters will see the resistance to this attack, sooner or later, you have to go somewhere sometime as does everyone.

If this is what we get by trusting you, we don’t trust you, we don’t want anything you have to offer, you can shove your insane no regrets policy where the sun don’t shine, or the people will have no regrets in doing what needs to be done.

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