Contrary To All The Rules Of Science

The reason you can’t do this is you’re trying to do something that has already been tried and can’t be done, this expert says in this school board meeting.

You can’t get rid of the common cold and flu, they tried to make a vaccine for coronaviruses for years and it didn’t work, and they knew it didn’t work and used it anyway, continuing to push it even as tens of thousands of deaths and millions of injuries are being reported.

Even if you could make one that lowered symptoms for one variant, it would mutate into multiple variants and it would probably have terrible side effects and it wouldn’t and doesn’t stop transmission.

You could never get rid of it like smallpox, it has an animal reservoir, there’s no getting rid of it, masks don’t work, deal with it, take some vitamins, you’ll be fine unless you’re on your death bed anyway.

This isn’t speculation, this is what these nutcases did say themselves, along with the other real experts who weren’t just parroting the big pharma sales pitch, like Fauci said there could be antibody dependent enhancement that could make the virus more deadly after being vaccinated and it appears that is what’s happening.

He said himself masks don’t work, before he said they did work, and to wear two of them. Anyone who spent more than a few days researching this knows they’re out of their freaking minds by doing what they’re doing and it’s not about a virus, it’s about control.

Does this old bastard look like he’s scared about a virus? The WEF planned Event 201 just before the supposed “pandemic” happened, which brings up the question, did a pandemic even happen at all?

As the head of the World Economic Forum said, it’s a rare but narrow window of opportunity to re-imagine and reset our world, you will own nothing and be happy, and you will eat bugs and weeds, and live in smart cities, and you will be censored and surveilled and tattooed with barcodes.

We’ll put a computer chip in your brain and if you don’t like it we’ll attack you with more biological weapons, cyber attacks, destruction of food supply chains, or we’ll just kill your leaders with a heart attack gun and say it was covid.

So, it wasn’t meant to make sense, it wasn’t meant to be the right thing to do, it wasn’t meant to be pleasant, or tolerable, or scientific or anything, it’s a hostile world takeover by psychopath lunatics, and they admit that is what it is, even as they deny it.

I don’t really know what else to say except browse the site, share pages that tell the story in the best way, or the videos of the mostly silenced creators I’m sharing, check out the prepping page, sign up to the mailing list, and keep speaking truth.

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