When Will It End People?

Maybe I shouldn’t even be posting YouTube videos on my site, but I’m not quite at the point where the entire site has to go, yet.

The madness continues, for example that psycho bitch who gave herself an award for freedom of expression for censoring doctors telling the truth is continuing to adhere to the dictates of a communist terrorist organization who participated in planning this attack on the world.

I’ll try to explain that in a bit more detail, the WHO is run by Tedros, a communist terrorist from Ethiopia, controlled by China, he was accused by the army commander of Ethiopia of being a criminal in the Tigray People’s Liberation Front and covered up a cholera epidemic in his position there among other things, like they torture and rape people, like China does, in their death camps.

He worked for Bill Gates, a Satanist pedophile eugenicist who wants to depopulate the world, with the vaccines he owns a multi billion dollar share in, for which he makes a twenty to one return on investment, and he’s the largest donor to the WHO apart from the USA, since they started funding them again.

They planned this simulation of a deliberate release of a lethal respiratory pathogen, in their World At Risk report, and they got the guy who funded the Wuhan lab to do gain of function on coronaviruses from bats for the NIH, to be the WHO investigator to the Wuhan lab.

Peter Daszak wrote the paper that said covid came from nature, and thanked Fauci for helping to cover up his role in making the virus which as Fauci said would be released on purpose, he said in 2017 there’s no doubt in his mind there will be a surprise outbreak.

Daszak is on video bragging about doing gain of function on coronaviruses, his emails with Fauci mention the gain of function, and Fauci perjured himself by saying the NIH never funded gain of function.

Every single part of this whole thing is a lie, a scam, and a crime, and maybe that was part of the scam as well, in fact maybe they want us to know they’re complete scum, so we try to kill them and fail by acting too soon, before everyone has woken up to their murderous psychopathy.

If you don’t see it, if you can’t see it, maybe you’re just not looking hard enough. Put on the damn glasses!

That will happen though, it’s too obvious. The best these terrorist criminals could hope for is that people can prove in court the virus hasn’t been isolated, hasn’t been proven to exist as a single novel or new virus, or it’s mostly just the flu and pneumonia, which mutates every year anyway.

Because if it exists, and the worse it is, the worse it makes them look as the people who made it and released it on purpose and paid fashion designers called Kovid to make a dress with a mask, and a site called kovidlab.com as predictive programming before their attack.

Bin Laden family were at a Carlyle weapons shareholder meeting in New York hosted by George HW Bush the day before the “attack”.

Maybe they should come to that conclusion quickly, rather than doubling down on their claims that they didn’t admit on video and in their planning scenarios and white papers to planning to do all of this, down to every last detail.

The censorship didn’t work, the threats and intimidation didn’t work, people know they planned this, they know they’re psychopaths and liars, they know masks don’t work, they know lockdowns don’t work, they know the vaccine doesn’t work, and by now about half of them are demanding they get executed for their crimes.

Listen muscle man, I’ll kick your ugly old ass.

People like Tucker aren’t necessarily loudly proclaiming that Fauci should be executed in Nuremberg style trials for crimes against humanity, murder, fraud, treason, corruption and probably sex crimes in his Luciferian Freemason cult.

It would probably be dangerous for him to do that, for his career, and his life, but he did point out more than once, Fauci is the guy who made the virus, or the NIH paid to do the gain of function, and he said there will be a surprise outbreak, no doubt in my mind.

It was mentioned in the SPARS Johns Hopkins document from 2017, about the same time, then they did event 201, crimson contagion, and various other planning exercises that laid out their unusual response never seen before in our lifetimes, and hopefully never seen again.

They bought sound weapons for “crowd control” years before they created the crowd protesting their insane tyranny.

The response itself is purely criminal, totalitarian, disproportionate and fraudulent, but the worse this virus is, with them being entirely implicated in it’s manufacture and deliberate release, while also banning the treatments that work, and silencing doctors treating the disease in favor of the communist terrorists who released it, the best option is for them to tell everyone right now, they made a mistake.

Or, they should say the PCR tests didn’t work, didn’t specify, didn’t tell you if you were sick, like the inventor said himself, so there’s no way to tell if it even happened at all, because even if they do that, we still have to kill them, or there has to be a fall guy for this monumental crime.

We are the 99%. Even if it’s not everyone who gets it, they will, soon enough, and the sooner the vast majority of people who didn’t attack the world with biological weapons (and an even worse response that killed more people), arrest and try the people who did, or at least fire them, the less likely it is half the world will die in world war three.

There’s no other viable option, they will die for their crimes against humanity alone, or along with anyone who follows treasonous orders, sure as the sun rises in the East, and sets in the West, although if you wanted to argue that point, you could say the sun doesn’t rise, the world keeps spinning, which is actually more true.

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These terrorist criminal scum are trying to divide black against white, red against blue, maskers against no maskers, pro vax against anti vax, every level of division, to try to get regular people to kill each other, rather than going after the head of the snake, but people are waking up to their plan, and how sick and evil they really are, and I wouldn’t be walking down the street if I was them.

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