Can Scientists Play God?

I’ve been researching this whole thing like everyone, and something occurred to me, which may or may not have occurred to other people, they don’t know what they’re doing at all, these scientists.

They say they just mapped the human genome, a complex chain of billions of letters signifying the code for making body parts.

For a start, that code is completely different in every single person, and I’m assuming the code is also slightly different in every single virus, and there are millions, billions, if not trillions of different viruses in the human body, assuming viruses are even proven to exist.

So, when they say they can read that code and determine how it presents itself in terms of a delta variant, of a coronavirus, they’re completely making it up, look at that link, it says they think the average human harbors about five viruses, no.

Current number of undiscovered viruses that likely exist, oh that’s classic, give us a number scientific overlords.

It’s possible that viruses exist, even that they might be able to see one of them under a microscope and say that looks like a crown, kind of like looking at a distant star, but most of them are undiscovered, completely unknown, like dark energy.

Similar to astrophysics, they can’t really say anything for certain, and a small section of DNA code from a virus that they think is the virus, out of the hundreds of trillions of viruses in the human body, that caused the symptoms that are being seen, when they don’t know what most of them are, that’s ridiculous.

They haven’t mapped every one of the billions of strands of DNA code of every one of the viruses that exist and the variations in the code of human DNA to be able to tell you that they can test reliably with the PCR test based on a small section of code that they say is unique to SARS cov2.

When the inventor of PCR said himself that you can’t use the test to tell you if you’re sick, and that if you cycle the test enough times you can find anything in anyone, that it’s not meant to be used to diagnose disease, it is debunked, that it works, and not the other way around.

In fact, it’s so far from true, you might say it’s completely false, the test doesn’t work, the masks don’t work, same basic thing, and they wiped doctors off the internet for telling the truth.

When it’s that false, you might as well just say it’s a scam, it’s a lie, they’re lying, and it’s obvious, proven by the fact most of those who test positive aren’t even sick and the test is just assumed to be correct, when it’s obviously not reliable, at all.

Then when you see them censoring these obvious lies through a network of scum and the level of control they exert over the doctors to the point they can’t speak out without losing their license, you see how the scam works.

They’re lying, the lie is certain, how certain it is cannot be accurately measured because the system is completely corrupt according to the experts themselves, but the fact they’re lying about what they know and what they can do is absolutely certain.

They cannot inject mRNA to tell your cells to make a spike protein that will stop you getting sick from a virus, they literally don’t even know which virus it is, or if viruses even make you sick at all.

It takes a guy on the street, or millions of them to tell you what’s actually happening because the media, big tech, government and the medical industry are conspiring in fraud and treason.

Their utter failure has never been more evident, and it’s almost as though they wanted you to know they’ve been lying to you the whole time, a scam to make money, potentially a plot to reduce the population and make you sick, and that’s the way I view medicine now.

They make up the faulty tests, the faulty medicine, the faulty data that shows their medicine works, and that’s about it. It might not all be a scam, like antibiotics helped fight some bacterial infections, but then the bacteria mutated to become resistant, so that’s becoming less effective the more often it’s used.

When I say it might not all be a scam, I mean given the level to which they lied to you, they might have made up the idea that the black plague existed, at all.

They may have made up that the Spanish flu existed, at all, and it was actually a bacterial pneumonia they injected people with claiming it was a vaccine, and the masks helped to spread it.

I don’t know, and I can’t and won’t ever trust them again, I think that doctors tried to play God, a bit like religious leaders, and people trusted them, but most of the stuff they were saying was based on nothing at all.

Somebody told them some stuff, and they had no clue but they believed it to be true, even though those people made money by telling them to believe it, which is a religion, a cult, not even close to science.

The inventor of the PCR test said Fauci doesn’t know anything about anything, and I’d say that to his face. He tried to look for the study that showed the HIV virus caused AIDS, and he couldn’t find it, because it didn’t exist.

You get what I’m saying? HIV virus is a word they came up with for one of millions of different viruses in your body, most of which they haven’t discovered. They don’t know which one causes AIDS, and they couldn’t know, ever, or we couldn’t know if they know, or not, because they’re proven liars.

It’s about that simple, or that’s what’s happening, to some degree, and my view is we have to go back to the drawing board, remove the profit motive from medicine, remove the corrupt monsters with a political agenda, and reexamine the entire thing from start to finish, and we need to wake up to this quickly.

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