The Gaslighting Terrorists Lie Through Their Teeth

The first time I heard the term gaslighting, it was from an actual schizophrenic girl, who I met in a mental ward, she said she was in a relationship for a few years and her boyfriend raped her over and over again, thousands of times.

She told her family and they said she was crazy, that’s God’s plan, it’s the way things are supposed to be in a relationship, it’s not rape, it’s just him being assertive with his woman, you’re crazy.

She actually was crazy, and I don’t really know what the situation was there, but nevertheless, if she thought she was being abused to that level, she had the right to leave, and her family should have listened to her, and helped her, not gas lit her.

That’s the context of the term gaslighting, an abusive, narcissist, sociopath or psychopath takes advantage of you, and if you complain they don’t acknowledge any of your claims at all, and call you crazy.

They won’t let you leave the house, they won’t let you talk to your friends and neighbors, they won’t let you go outside without a face covering, and them escorting you everywhere, like the Taliban, except now it’s men and women, unless you’re one of the elites.

That is literally where much of Australia and the world is at right now, anywhere they can get away with forcing this martial law medical tyranny, it’s terrorism, and it’s already killed more people in the world than covid, which is basically the flu.

As I said in my last post, the level of lies they told about the PCR test and what they knew about the genetic codes of the hundreds of trillions of viruses with countless millions or billions of unknown variations in DNA code, is such that you can just say it’s a complete fraud.

It doesn’t tell you that you’re sick, like the inventor of the test said, yet they act like it does, and they somehow convinced morons that a completely healthy person is a threat to them, when they’re not. In fact they’re not a threat even if they were sick, 99.9% of the time.

There’s a virus that exists, there’s millions, even billions of different viruses, once they run out of letters of the Greek alphabet, they’ll use all the constellations in the sky, according to the WHO.

This is because it never ends, it wasn’t meant to end, they weren’t meant to fix it, and they’re not even trying to fix it, they want to suck the blood out of you while keeping you partially alive as their slave, forever, or until you die, because they’re vampires.

I have no tolerance for any of it, I encourage everyone to have no tolerance for any of it, our system cannot be built upon lies, particularly not in such an important area as health, and mental health is off the charts down the tube because of all this.

One in ten people in Victoria said they seriously considered suicide because of what that gaslighting terrorist traitor Dan Andrews did. In every category including children, suicide, drug abuse, and self harm has increased, even the vaccine by itself is more deadly to children than covid.

Interesting mask you got there, did you notice that it said on the box, like you said in your emails, they don’t work?

If you’re a wrinkled eighty year old who wants to “possibly” save yourself a year on average at the expense of the lives of about the same amount of children, who aren’t at risk at all, not letting kids go to school or the playground, indefinitely, die already, you don’t deserve to live if you support that, and you got one foot in the grave already.

As I’ve said before, when somebody sells out your country to a foreign enemy that uses your own army to do what they’re doing, for the “reasons” they said, it’s treason, and you legally and morally have the right and obligation to kill them.

I’m not making that up, it can legally be justified on many levels that they have committed full blown treason, murder, fraud, kidnapping, terrorism, medical malpractice, human rights violations genocide and more.

I don’t think it’s an easy thing to do, but the longer it goes on, the more people there are who realize it has to be done, not less, and the more the thin veil of brainwashing that they’re doing this for your safety washes away and they see them for what they are.

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