Did You Pass The IQ Test?

I keep running into these statist Satanist bastards trying to tell me that everything I’m saying is a crazy conspiracy theory, or that if they did release a biological weapon on purpose I should take the vaccine because otherwise I’ll die.

Ten people died of “covid” in Australia this year, so I’m not really scared of dying of a virus, and given the statistics, I have nothing to be worried about, I’m much more at risk from smoking cigarettes, so I have to quit those again.

It’s not easy to quit smoking when you’re stressed, and I had quit before all this started, and the stress made me fall back into bad habits.

It’s easy to blame it on that, and I probably need to stop making excuses, and just quit, but these bastards are seriously stressing me out, along with everyone else in the world.

Why can’t I just forget about it? Well, I don’t really have to do anything they say, I’m not planning on traveling or working, or going to a restaurant or a pub, or anything at all really, but I would like to be able to, in the future, without scanning my quantum dot barcode tattoo.

The more people give in to these terrorists, the more dangerous it becomes for all regular people to go about their normal lives, wherever they are in the world.

It’s a eugenics program, and people don’t realize how much of a thing that is, and how much it has shaped all aspects of our lives. 80% of first trimester pregnancies miscarried when they took the vaccine, apparently, I linked to the Reuters fact check if you want to look into those figures.

They just pulled out of Afghanistan where they were doing gender programs at gunpoint, teaching women to begin to leave their husband and go to work, and be independent and all that, and nobody bought it.

They saw through it immediately, as a eugenics program. There might be a problem with oppression of women in the middle east, but the idea that these people wanted to help them as an invading army protecting their heroin profits, just didn’t convince anyone.

Feminism was a eugenics program, free love was something Margaret Sanger talked about, along with quotes like they must choose between segregation and sterilization.

The CIA made a hundred million doses of LSD, brainwashed key people in the music industry and pushed an agenda of sex, drugs and rock n roll, not because they thought it was cool or fun, at least not at the top, but because it was the method of reducing the population.

Most feminists didn’t realize that they were actually doing the work of eugenicists, they thought they were empowering women, but all it did was break up happy families and make everyone miserable.

You can argue that point, and people do, but people argue one religion over another one, without any actual factual basis, it’s just what they got told.

They used to get taught that they wanted to marry a handsome prince and live happily ever after, not to watch out for pedophiles trying to kidnap them, and that first information they get taught when young is what sticks.

That’s why they’re trying to read books to kids that say they might be the opposite sex. This brainwashing is so powerful that you can teach them almost anything, doesn’t matter if it’s true or not, doesn’t have to make sense, you can teach them anything at all.

Religion is like that, you repeat the big lie often enough, have other people repeat it, and people just believe it or go along with it, and don’t usually speak out against the lies, unless they want to end up nailed to a cross, at other times in history.

Let’s hope we manage to keep our freedom of speech and don’t head back towards the dark ages of reeducation camps, the inquisition, and all that, because I do need to wake people up to the fact they been lied to, by some real sick, evil bastards.

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It’s not exactly an IQ test, it’s more like if you’re ignorant of who they are and what they do, and the way they think, you’ll miss a lot of social conditioning eugenics mind control that they’re doing and you’ll just trust the experts like the elders of a cult.

They run scam after scam, over and over again, not always to reduce the population, mostly to make money, but you have to be looking at almost every single thing you see as a scam, because it is a scam, or a plot, or an agenda, to some degree, half the time or more and if you aren’t awake, you’re asleep.

One thought on “Did You Pass The IQ Test?

  1. What I’ve seen can’t be unseen. I’ve been awake so long I’m very tired. But I’ve realised that the sheep that cannot see by now, with everything in front of them to question, seek answers or at least raise an eyebrow still refuse to see – then so be it. They will not and cannot be saved so I’ve decided to let them go. Do whatever they want and go down with the ship as I’m past trying or caring. Even the fence sitter numbers are tiny and will crumble and comply as it’s all just too hard for them. So that leaves the great division we have now. The high IQ are ready. We know what possible scenarios are coming. We’ve planned and are prepped ready to bug-in or bug-out and will never comply and will go down swinging. The only people to rebuild off grid successfully. And it will be too late for any low IQer’s, screaming for help as the noose tightens to knock on my door. I will not answer. Let them go too – it’s a weight off.


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