They’re Coming To Inject Your Children With Poison

Seems like a shock horror click bait headline, but it isn’t, I just saw the NSW “health minister” saying that they were rounding up children in football stadiums and their parents were kept outside, then two kids dropped at this vaccination site, possibly dead or in a coma.

I say possibly dead because I’m trying to find it, on the “news” and they covered it up, and I’ve seen the way this guy acts, we vaccinated over a hundred children with an experimental and deadly injection without their parent’s permission? So what he said, famous last words.

I am the science says the 19 year old girl who isn’t a doctor, and they just fell for it, goddamn some people deserve to die.

I mean that, there’s half the population who know what they did and the other half are learning, it’s a bit like the Theranos scam I mentioned in my last post, it was a scam, the test didn’t work, not even at all, yet they were using it in chemists.

It risked lives by completely false results for a variety of illnesses, and it was a dangerous and even murderous scam, and this is about a billion times worse.

We know that children are not at risk of covid even if they catch it, like one in a million might die if they have a terminal illness already, but there isn’t even anybody dying of covid in all of Australia, maybe ten people this year, less than one in a million of the whole population.

The risk to children is this vaccine which doesn’t stop transmission or even stop eighty year olds with cancer from dying, and it’s like they’re trying to hurt them on purpose, for no reason. There’s other treatments that work and don’t kill you and where are they?

Bullying, threatening, and silencing doctors so they can’t speak out against this horrific crime against humanity. These people are scum.

The aim is probably to start an armed revolution, so they can crack down harder and impose more tyranny, but I don’t think that will happen when people start to become aware of who these people are and their attitude.

You want more informants? You will die.

I think the people who know the publicly available data from their own government sites, and particularly the stuff they tried to cover up, do not support the actions of subhuman child killing scum like Brad Hazzard, who is not a doctor.

I think if the police start to get hurt themselves, given half of them know what’s going on, they’ll just decide to find these people giving the orders and shoot them for treason.

Maybe fifty fifty odds of that happening anyway, and if they decide to do that, being the people with the guns, it gets done, and ends the war with the fewest casualties.

Buy a hoodie and please share, sign up to the newsletter, check out the rest of the site, and always remember, you are the resistance.

Of course the whole concept of them being the people with the guns is flawed, as there’s millions of guns in the public, and millions of people, but they haven’t quite figured that out yet and most people just want to live in peace.

I assume it will happen any day now though, and majority or minority, they will kill you if you take this attitude to the health of their children, and it’s not speculation, all available evidence shows they are dead wrong and causing far more harm to everyone, particularly children, with their entire horrific new world order takeover plan.

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