Incrementally Creeping Towards Hell

No organ transplants if you don’t take an experimental injection that doesn’t stop transmission and killed almost as many people as the disease it’s supposed to stop, especially when you consider it doesn’t stop it.

Which would therefore make it pointlessly deadly. You don’t do math based on something that doesn’t work to stop a disease based on the deaths from the disease, if it doesn’t work to stop transmission or deaths. There’s stories like that from around the world.

It wasn’t even initially claimed to be able to stop transmission, then for about a month they said it might, they don’t know, but now they say it doesn’t, and there’s new variations all the time and it wears off within months if it ever did anything.

That was the CDC director saying that, based on the “data” even though it keeps changing, so there is no reason to take this shot to stop somebody else from getting a virus that you probably don’t have, and would almost certainly survive if you did, except to be subservient to gaslighting totalitarian terrorist scum.

Masks don’t work, lockdowns don’t work, their “vaccine” doesn’t work, their test doesn’t work, they are wrong, completely wrong, about pretty much everything in the case of this virus that they made in a lab and released on purpose.

Good old Politifact funded by people who profit from the vaccine, telling you your opinion is wrong based on what they said themselves.

No matter which way you add it up, they have definitely killed more people than they saved, they’re killing and injuring healthy young people at a far higher rate than the disease, with the injection, when you look at that age group by itself, which is the only way you should look at it, because it doesn’t stop transmission, at all.

Not just with the experimental gene therapy with a higher number of adverse events (reported to VAERS) than all vaccines ever made.

But with suicide, delayed medical procedures, drug ODs, starvation and war in the third world, due to useless measures that didn’t work and caused more suffering and death while also costing staggering amounts of trillions of dollars globally.

It’s incredibly obvious, what they’re doing isn’t about your health, and there’s virtually no people left in their right mind who can’t do the “math” to figure that out.

The math isn’t even nearly true, as they falsified the data with a faulty test that had mostly false positives in the first place, got paid more money to put covid on the death certificate.

94% had terminal illnesses which actually probably killed them in reality, all a matter of opinion, which has been so distorted through all this crap, but using their fake numbers, they’re dead wrong about everything and it gets so much worse than the obvious.

They’re wrong about the response to the virus on every level just taking into account who lives or dies from covid, versus the “vaccine” compared to say, vitamins, or HCQ or Ivermectin, but with everything else, it’s not even close, how much suffering they’ve caused in the world by doing anything at all in terms of mandating totalitarian dictates.

It’s not even close, it’s not even tolerable to allow these pompous, arrogant monsters to tell us anything, ever, and I’m so sick of trying to tell this story to statist cult members who think that I’m nuts for not trusting “the science” when I know exactly how that hamburger is made.

So there’s these bunch of scum who “check facts”.

They got told what to do by a bunch of self aggrandizing narcissistic morons who don’t even treat patients themselves, probably work for big pharma companies, none of the doctors were even allowed to question it, they were actively silenced and threatened with losing their licenses for speaking out, and yet they did anyway, in massive numbers.

None of the patients were allowed to question it, the consequences to society and mental health were ignored, and nobody ever checked to see if the people who said it in the first place weren’t complete psychopaths, who do exist, as 1% of the population and much higher in positions of power like that.

As I said in a conversation to some scumbag who said they ratted on one of the hundreds of thousands who attended a nation wide protest in Australia today, these people are eugenicists, they have an equation for population versus resources, they’re trying to kill you, by any means necessary.

Co2=PxSxE is what Bill Gates said, got to reduce one of these numbers to near zero, which is kind of similar to the math equation Malthus had for population versus the food production capability of the land.

He said things like we must crowd the poor together and court the return of the plague, his Malthusian eugenics philosophy is you just have to kill people by any means necessary, because there’s too many people, if you don’t kill them they’ll die anyway when they run out of food or resources, and of course the rich must kill the poor because they’re the chosen ones.

Those aren’t the kind of people you ever want getting into positions of power, and yet they do, they always did, they never left, and they won’t be easy to ever get rid of, because they’re killers with no morality whatsoever who appear to like killing people, all day long, all year, every year, every century.

The only way to defeat a group like that is to become as brutal and ruthless as they are so that you are mowing the lawn of useless eaters yourself, to fight your way to the top of the heap of psycho killer scum.

If anyone wants to try, I actually don’t think it could get any worse than it already is, they just managed to genocide vast quantities of people without taking any of the blame for their crimes against humanity because they had a lot of practice, and now they’re doing it under the guise of health.

I’d prefer we fight a war with knowledge of why we’re fighting it rather than have some ridiculous propaganda told to us about bringing “freedom” to the middle east.

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That line will never work again, at least not fighting for “their” side, and as for war waged on people through medical tyranny, we have to win this war, and it is a war, we are all now soldiers, at least on a mental level, whether we want to be, or not.

In fact, I think we’re all going to need to actually fight world war three, for real, to ever see an end to this, because I don’t think we manage to get out of this one, without millions dying, no matter what we do, which is actually what they said in the pre planning exercise, event 201.

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