Trump Backs Vaccine Passports?

In this interview, Trump suggests that a hundred million people would have died if it wasn’t for the vaccine he takes credit for, which is being forced on the world with a gun held to their head, but he also says the booster shot is a money making plot.

Then, he doesn’t say anything about the number one problem at least half of his possibly former supporters are complaining about, vaccine passports and mandates, and he said they don’t want to take it because Biden said to take it, and when he was president, you didn’t have people protesting the vaccine.

Who was that guy who seemed to be leading the millions protesting in the street about the election fraud, Alex Jones?

Yeah. I think he said this vaccine was made by eugenicists for the purpose of sterilization and extermination of the population, which Bill Gates said he would do, without actually saying it in those words, he said “we” could maybe reduce the population by ten to fifteen percent by doing a great job on health care and new vaccines.

Melinda Gates said she was going to help get a sterilization drug to African women at a conference on population control and that was the original, main stated objective of their foundation, birth control and population control.

His father was in Planned Parenthood, they were accused of sterilizing millions in Kenya, Nicaragaua, Philippines, without their consent, as well as with it, apparently.

She said they walked fifteen miles to get the Pfizer sterilization shot, but she would see they wouldn’t have to anymore, because she would bring it to them.

Which is also kind of backed up by the adverse events reported to VAERS from this shot, including substantially increased miscarriages in the first trimester, on top of the overall death from the biological weapon they released.

If you took his statement to mean a ten to fifteen percent reduction in yearly population growth, (about 83 million a year), not the overall population of the world, then their plan is not even succeeding anywhere near that well, at least not yet.

Their bio weapon did about the job they said it would in the tabletop exercise of a coronavirus that took over the world, event 201, which happened about two months before the “lab leak” or the simulation of a deliberate release of a lethal respiratory pathogen.

This guy is a class A douche bag.

65 million would die no matter what they did, which hasn’t happened yet, or is likely to happen from this particular virus, if it’s even substantially different from all the other flues, or even exists at all in the way they claim it does, but they killed more people with the response.

17 million die of communicable diseases every year anyway, (they guess), millions more starved to death due to lockdowns, but so far it’s about one percent less population growth per year than the average according to Macrotrends.

Somewhere around ten to fifteen million extra deaths a year with all causes taken into account, on top of the couple million a year they said died from covid, (nobody even knows), but considering some parts of the world haven’t yet been sterilized, or even counted in any official figures, it hasn’t yet made a dent in the 1.1% yearly increase.

Owen Shroyer has just been indited for his role in being at the capitol that day, perhaps as general intimidation of people they now class as domestic terrorists, anyone who questions the one party totalitarian propaganda of big pharma corporations.

It’s still only 0.05% of the world who died, maybe 0.1% in the worst affected countries, (taking into account they were about 80 years old on average), and it’s been almost two years now, to flatten the curve.

The majority of people must have caught it by now, if they were going to, and most of them have caught on that it’s not about your health.

Remember when Trump caught covid, took Regeneron, was better in a day and said it was a gift from God that I caught it, free cures for everyone, I’m the best president ever, don’t you love me as much as I love me?

Over the weekend in Australia, there was pepper spray and rubber bullets fired on tens of thousands of protesters in Victoria, who were simply protesting almost all their freedoms being taken away for no reason, and there were similar protests across the country.

The only thing I know for certain is they’re lying, and talking out of both sides of their face at the same time.

They say it’s a pandemic of the unvaccinated, and almost everyone who dies in the US is unvaccinated, but then the CDC director says the effectiveness of the vaccine wears off over time, within months, so you need booster shots, endlessly, and it doesn’t stop transmission at all.

They’re proven to be such liars, such evil totalitarian criminals, I don’t believe any of it, except that they are the kind of people who would attack the world with biological weapons and ban the cure.

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I can’t really tell you what to do, but the plan here is to do whatever it takes to get rid of the government, by any means necessary, perhaps trying to avoid a head on confrontation with the police and army with weapons, because they still seem to be following orders from these scum.

Don’t rule that out as a possibility though, people don’t care about their goddamn flu anymore, they are destroying everything completely, and we’re going to see them held accountable for what they did to the world, compliance gets you nothing and nowhere, and the only thing to do now is resist.

One thought on “Trump Backs Vaccine Passports?

  1. I have been saying since before the 2016 election that Trump may be the antichrist. I would not have taken the “vaccine” even if Trump was still president. I did not vote in either 2016 or 2020 for ANY candidate.


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