The Whole World’s Brainwashed

It’s hard to explain the anger I feel at seeing my own country being gradually turned into a dictatorship to rival the worst in history, and realizing that half the people don’t even seem to see it happening, and it’s not just my country, but the world.

Like Tom McDonald said in his music video, they’re trying to divide us into left and right, black and white, mask and no mask, vax and anti vax, Atheist and Christian, pretty much anything that will allow them to take focus off themselves as the main people causing all these problems.

It’s always about hating the other “side” of politics, and then it’s just a matter of waiting years to vote them out, and then maybe you can relax, but has anyone seemed relaxed, and did anything ever change after an election, apart from getting worse? Not recently.

Well, Dollar Vigilante seems kind of relaxed, meditating all day, it’s just a 3D video game right? I can appreciate that logic, I was kind of into reading Buddhist koans myself, but I never could manage to switch my mind off for long.

They call it the mad monkey, the train of conscious thoughts that just keep cycling, over and over again in your head, and it is perhaps a good idea to take a break from thinking about anything in particular, but not for too long.

Here’s a Buddhist koan for you, if I can find one that seems relevant.

Dizang asked Xiushan, “Where do you come from?”

Xiushan said, “From the South.”

Dizang said, “how is Buddhism in the South these days?”

Xiushan said, “There’s extensive discussion.”

Dizang said, “How can that compare to me here planting the fields and making rice to eat?”

Xiushan said, “What can you do about the world?”

Dizang said, “What do you call the world?” 

The koan makes the simple point that there is work that is necessary to keep the world functioning and content and not starving and dying, and you could meditate all day, write koans all day, but if you don’t balance that with real world actions, the real world falls apart.

It is important not to focus on desire for money and material things too much, it doesn’t necessarily bring happiness, unless you’re content with what you have, but you should also accept that the first noble truth is life is suffering, and suffering is caused by desire.

It didn’t say you can get completely get rid of suffering, or that you can get rid of desire, only that you should balance the struggle for material things with a spiritual awareness of the unity of all things and the endless wheel of death and rebirth in the eternal universe, which is the Buddhist idea of God.

Not really the same idea as other religions, but it is the ultimate Tao, the infinite void, the one thing, the only thing, both good and bad, dead and alive, ultimately unknowable, even to itself.

These ideas helped me when I had great suffering, caused by great desire, to let go of attachment to certain things, however you cannot function in the real world without having the desire to make life better, for yourself, and everyone else.

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The greater good, looking at the whole of existence or “creation” is the zen perspective, and to me, the covid scam failed to do that from the moment it began, for a variety of different reasons. Such as, it was a scam, a plot, a power grab, a terrorist attack on the world.

Even with this knowledge, you could still accept that reality, and that you probably can’t change it, at least not on your own, but if you had the attitude that you shouldn’t fight even when under direct attack, in self defense, well, you’ll probably get reincarnated as a worm, or maybe you’ll just wake up as yourself, again.

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