FDA Approves Pfizer Vaccine?

I write this as a question, because I don’t trust a single thing these people say anymore, even, or especially if it’s on the mainstream media, or the FDA site, or the CDC site.

Obviously that’s going to make a difference for pro vaccine people, like this son of a bitch Peter Hotez, who says the real difference in getting jabs in arms is going to be mandates, but of course some people are probably going to die, or even kill before taking this crap.

Why do I want to kill this bastard? Well, he said that a coronavirus vaccine has never been made successfully before, because it caused antibody dependent enhancement in the ferrets and it killed them all in about a year, which would be maybe a few years for humans.

They had liver failure, and when they caught the wild SARS virus, (which disappeared by itself in the human population), they died in larger numbers, which many other scientists are saying will happen in a few years time with this vaccine as well.

Look at all my needles, I’m a psychopath. I will take your children away, take your job away, take your food away, if you don’t take my poison jab.

The deaths and injuries reported to VAERS, and all other reporting systems around the world showed massive problems, but “they” didn’t prove most of the deaths were caused by the vaccine, in fact they haven’t even had time to look at all the reports yet.

So, this is potentially, allegedly, the most dangerous vaccine ever released to the public and apparently FDA approved, which is backed up by the staggering amount of reports of serious injury and death by the millions, and they don’t seem to care, at all.

Young girl pepper sprayed for not wearing a mask in Sydney, by a gang of thugs, some of whom weren’t wearing masks.

They don’t seem to care that it doesn’t even work anymore, it wears off in three to six months, they immediately want you to take a booster shot, possibly forever, for the delta strain, the lambda strain, always doing a better job to evade the “vaccine protection” this offers, if it even offers any at all.

They said in Israel it was 39% effective at stopping delta strain infection, but I thought they said it was 95% effective? I thought it doesn’t stop transmission at all? I thought Biden said if you take it you won’t get covid 19?

Do you notice a problem with this lock down that works so well?

Yeah, exactly. They lied, through their teeth, over and over again, that masks work, that the test works, the entire thing is a totalitarian terrorist plot by psychopaths, and that’s the only way I can ever view anyone who pushes this insane crap.

The HCQ and Ivermectin and Regeneron and steroids and antibiotics and vitamins and all of that was much safer, and more effective than this experimental shot, particularly over time, and they just want to make billions of dollars, if they’re not trying to wipe out the population of the world. They had no legal right to do an EUA in the first place because there were treatments that worked.

99% of people don’t even need anything at all, because they’re not 80 years old, and if they did need something, they banned the cure, it’s murder, they are the people who made the virus in the lab and released it on purpose, and they told you they did.

I just saw women and children shot with potentially deadly rubber bullets and pepper spray for protesting the right to be free, I want to kill them all, these scum who tell you you can’t watch a sunset.

Any proof that curfews “work” is there? Any proof that smashing car windows and dragging people out of their car for not telling police where they were going “works”? Is there any doubt that if you walk down the street without police protection you will die?

These scum who tell you that you can’t talk to your neighbors, that your kids can’t play in the playground, or even go outside, they destroyed the entire world for a flu that was less deadly than the flu for most people, and a vaccine that doesn’t work, or hardly working.

There were a couple of Australian police specifically identified as terrorist attackers who brutally attacked innocent people with pepper spray pellets fired by thugs in body armor, such as a young kid holding a sign saying let us play. This is what I sent them in an email:

The police will burn in hell for what they have done to Australia. Gutless cowards pepper spraying women and children for protesting the right to go to a playground and play, go to work, go to school, live a normal life after this long with this flu crap, and after the old people took their death shot.

You’re traitors, you’re terrorists, you’re a criminal organization, and if you don’t switch sides and fight for the people who pay your wages, and against terrorist criminals trying to force a totalitarian government worse than Nazi Germany or Mao’s China, there will be consequences.

I don’t even know what those consequences will be, I’m not even in the same state, but I do know that people, an unknown amount of people have been preparing for this attack, which they saw coming, immediately, for over a year, and I don’t know who or how many of them there are, but they already had weapons, in fact they may make up half of your police and army, but they haven’t said anything yet, because they can’t.

It’s not a small minority, or a small problem that you will have to deal with, people like you, if we go to war, and the fastest way to end the war is get rid of the tiny handful of people who are giving you treasonous orders. Get rid of them.

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