Just Say No To Tyranny

Oh my God woman, do you even know anything, at all?

In my country, I’ve seen 12 year old girls pepper sprayed for not wearing a mask, by a gang of armed thugs, some of whom weren’t wearing masks, and when you see that hypocrisy over and over again, you see we’re dealing with elitist psychopath terrorists.

It’s so awful, so hypocritical, so brutal, it’s almost like they’re trying to get us to kill them all, perhaps for some other agenda of totalitarian one world government from the likes of the corporate criminals of Davos.

Masks don’t work, there’s no evidence they do anything, and if the evidence exists they do anything at all, it isn’t much, like 1% for cloth masks, goes right through them which Fauci said to start with.

You used to get fined over a hundred grand in Australia if you were a corporation that said masks stopped you from getting SARS, when it was going around and that went away by itself.

I wonder if that law is still on the books, and if you can sue the government, which is a corporation for that money, or if the law was only made to sue other corporations for their corporation.

I can’t really be bothered finding the law, or talking to a lawyer, the general gist is that if enough people take a stand, and just say no, and stand firm on that, even if it means war, then that will be the outcome.

It’s that serious, not because of the specific issue of masks, but because of what it means for personal bodily autonomy.

Common sense will prevail in the end, masks don’t work, PCR tests don’t work, lockdowns don’t work, experimental vaccines for a constantly, globally mutating coronavirus don’t work, your immune system works, and I mean it almost always works, for almost everyone.

You might be able to supplement it with vitamins and various other treatments, but the main point to grasp here is, the centralized, globalized medical system has been taken over by psychopathic terrorist corporate criminal liars, trying to take away freedom from almost all aspects of your entire life.

It’s not being used to help people, it’s being used to force medical tyranny, suck as much money out of the world as they can and take over, and it’s basically a terrorist organization. We all have to work together to investigate the people at the top, and put massive pressure on police, or anyone, to arrest or kill them.

An army of brainwashed mind controlled slaves who may or may not realize that masks don’t work. If only they all woke up at the same time.

I’m not kidding around, they’ve killed millions of people with mistakes that weren’t mistakes. Absolute lies, a fear campaign and nonsensical crap that killed millions of people around the world, or at least made everyone’s lives a misery.

They made the virus in the lab, released it on purpose, told you they did, tried to indoctrinate and control the minds of children with compliance to illogical crap that was never proven to work, as an experiment in mind control, right out of Brave New World.

No, I don’t put up with it, nor do I put up with anyone who was brainwashed, if they try to force these totalitarian dictates on me, at all, ever, because the entire thing is logically and morally flawed from start to finish.

They have no opinion because their opinion was forced on them by psychopaths, it has no basis, it didn’t work. You get the flu, there’s virtually nothing you can do to stop that, except improve your general health, and that’s incredibly obvious by any “numbers” that they told you, if you can even believe any of those.

If they want to join the war in trying to force this crap on me based on no evidence of any benefit, and plenty of evidence of it harming and scarring the minds of healthy young people, who aren’t even barely at risk of covid at all, I’ll be happy to beat the crap out of them if I have to.

Like was said in that video, there’s force, you trying to force me to do something illogical, and there’s choice, which would be me choosing to do it, which I’m obviously not going to do, especially because you tried to force it, while ignoring the much greater damage that decision caused.

I’m now going to do my best to encourage everyone to fight a literal war against you, by any means necessary, because you’re the most evil, vicious, gaslighting totalitarian terrorist scum I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

Maybe not all the brainwashed serfs of the dictatorial new world order, but they might as well be an enemy combatant if they’re on that side, and be my guest if you want to be the one I go to war with, I try to be nice, but that is my defensive position, to an attack of this magnitude.

My advice is take your kids out of school if they’re going to abuse them and force things like masks and vaccines on them, when they don’t work, and aren’t necessary, even according to their own figures.

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Seriously, don’t even send them to a place like that if you can help it, it’s an indoctrination camp for compliance to these scum and their insane death cult brainwashing.

Push for freedom, because people can work out the right thing to do on their own if they have freedom to discuss it, but because they silenced doctors and experts, banned treatments that worked, and forced things that clearly didn’t work, they are clearly pushing the wrong thing, and they cannot be allowed to get away with it.

By the way, in my last post I talked about the apparent full FDA approval of the Pfizer vaccine, and as many people told me, they didn’t actually approve it, they were talking about a different vaccine that hasn’t even been released yet, and the Pfizer just got an extended EUA. How deliberately confusing.

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