Controversy Over FDA Approval Of Pfizer Comirnaty Covid Vaccine

They just keep getting more and more evil, it’s like a never ending story of how corrupt they can possibly get away with being before they get arrested or killed.

That’s not an overstatement of the situation, they just faked the full FDA approval of the Pfizer covid vaccine, which didn’t actually happen in the way they said it did.

“The FDA-approved Pfizer-BioNTech product Comirnaty (COVID-19 Vaccine, mRNA) and the FDA-authorized Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine under EUA have the same formulation and can be used interchangeably to provide the COVID-19 vaccination series without presenting any safety or effectiveness concerns.  Therefore, providers can use doses distributed under EUA to administer the vaccination series as if the doses were the licensed vaccine. For purposes of administration, doses distributed under the EUA are interchangeable with the licensed doses.”

FDA site

Notice what they said there, they can use doses distributed under the extended EUA, which is the only vaccines you will get in the near future, (as the Comirnaty vaccine isn’t even released yet), as if it were the licensed vaccine.

They haven’t suspended the emergency use authorized vaccines, which they would have to do if a fully approved treatment had been released, (or if it already existed), they just made it appear as though they had done that, for the purpose of scamming people and making them think it had been fully approved, but it hasn’t.

Bill Gates said 80% in the initial Moderna trial had side effects immediately, there’s been millions of side effects reported from all covid vaccines, up to ten percent of them classified as serious, tens of thousands of deaths, and what’s that, nothing? When does it become something?

The scam fooled the majority of the mainstream media, and law makers and corporations around the world, to the point they think that it gives them the right to change mandate laws, but it doesn’t, at least so far as you think the law matters based on this fraudulent crap.

Even if you were basing your assessment of whether this drug was fully approved on this criminal terrorist organization, that is in league with the people who made and released the virus on purpose, from the Wuhan lab they funded to do the gain of function on coronaviruses from bats to make them able to infect humans, it’s still experimental, and deadly.

That means based on the Nuremberg code if you force this dangerous, deadly, experimental drug on anyone, you are guilty of treason, and also complicit in terrorism and genocide.

Massive crimes against humanity, far worse than any flu, the flu they released on purpose, the same people, while doing their best to ban treatments that worked.

Depending on how you interpret that in terms of attempted murder, you can legally kill anyone who tries to force that on you in self defense, or make a good case for self defense, of you and your family or community, even if you could just prove you thought they were trying to kill you, or were unknowingly going to kill lots of people.

We are your single source of truth.

In fact you could make the legal argument that we are at war, I declared war, they declared war, so in a state of war there is a whole different legal framework, but in practice, not really any laws at all.

Kind of an important point to understand legally, but also important to understand that the law doesn’t matter, at all, when it’s made up by these horrific criminal monsters, and so it doesn’t apply, unless you accept that it does.

The law doesn’t exist, my view is we are in a war against these people who are terrorist eugenicist killers, or following the orders of those people.

Brainwashed to carry out the murderous plans of these psychopath globalists trying to take over the world and install a one world government system of medical tyranny, digital ID, surveillance, tracking, universal income, AI censorship, social credit scores, changing what it means to be human, you will own nothing and be happy, eating bugs and weeds and having no freedom at all.

The Comirnaty brand vaccine hasn’t been released yet, but don’t let that stop you from saying how many people it injured, a larger amount than the total number of covid cases recorded in Australia.

Without presenting any safety or effectiveness concerns they said. There were more reported adverse events accepted as being confirmed by the Australian government, (not even the full number of events reported or problems expressed with the whole damn thing), than there were recorded cases of covid over the whole time it existed here.

If it even does exist as a separate and significantly different virus than “the flu”, which isn’t even nearly one virus, but many thousands, or millions of variations, it can’t be isolated with a test that can detect it’s existence accurately. The PCR test is scientifically meaningless.

We’re going to have to kill these brainwashed fools, you can’t do that crap, not even for as long as they have. This is the death of sanity.

So there weren’t even 50,000 real cases, they were mostly false positives, or nobody knows, most people didn’t get tested, some people got tested weekly, it’s so far from the actual real numbers you might as well just make it up completely, like most of everything they said.

Over fifty thousand adverse events serious enough to be accepted as legit serious side effects by the government, while only a thousand elderly people died from the disease, at about the age they would have died anyway on average, and most of those who got it recovered completely, especially young, healthy people.

This while they’re shooting kids in the face with pepper spray rubber bullets for protesting not being able to go to a playground and play in over a year and a half.

Their future and their happiness is at stake, because old people die, and get the flu, which you can’t stop, but the best advice is, they banned the cure, it’s murder, they knew Ivermectin worked, over 80% of the time for over a year, and the covid shot is immediately wearing off, losing effectiveness in about six months, and they want you to take those boosters forever.

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I’m over it, seriously. When I see these scum saying things like we need more informants, rat on your neighbors, in this context, I hope that everyone takes it upon themselves to see that these people are removed from power.

By any means necessary, and as soon as possible, because it’s not about the disease anymore. Who gets sick, or how sick they get, from the flu, or a slightly worse flu, it’s a battle of good versus evil.

Pure insanity and tyranny, versus freedom, justice and democracy, and it is world war three, be prepared for that reality. We saw viruses like SARS plenty of times before, but this is civilization ending tyranny.

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