You’re The Voice Try And Understand It

It’s hard to explain how mental the world seems to have become lately, although it’s different when watching it on a screen than in real life, in my part of the world.

I’m in one of the few places in the world that has no covid, none whatsoever, for over a year in Tasmania.

The thing about that is, it didn’t stop them from putting signs everywhere, temperature checks at the doctor’s office, screens in front of check outs, QR codes to scan everywhere, which they say you “must” use, (I don’t do any of that), hand sanitizer, dots on the floor, etc.

What the hell am I even looking at?

There’s a message to keep your distance that comes over the speakers at the supermarket, and of course you had mandatory vaccines for aged care workers, even though there’s no virus here, and it doesn’t stop transmission anyway.

The last time they said I must use the QR code or fill out my name and details on a form, at the doctor’s office, I said no. Then she said I can’t see a doctor if I don’t, so I drew a cross on the piece of paper, then screwed it up and threw it at her and said I’m not coming here anymore, fuck you.

The reason I did that is they already been found to have used that information for other reasons, like somebody stole a police gun and taser, and they used the QR code check in to track who was there in Queensland.

If there was some supposed “contact” they would want to stick a swab up my nose to do a test that has known false positives, (to an unknown degree, because the test is the test that tests the test), then quarantine me for weeks if they said I was sick, even if I wasn’t, (asymptomatic), then do that to all my “contacts” so I don’t do it, period.

Police officers detain a protestor in Sydney on August 21, 2021, following calls for an anti-lockdown protest rally amid a fast-spreading coronavirus outbreak. (Photo by David Gray / AFP)

Also, they’re threatening people with jail, that article says up to six months jail for business owners who don’t do it, and I heard five years jail for citizens who don’t, although maybe I’m mixing that up with five years for lying on your border declaration forms to cross the border between states.

I met a guy who stabbed a guy in the lung and he got six months jail. I briefly met another guy who walked into my house with a bat, and two other guys, who said “all my family been in jail” and demanded money. I gave him a hundred bucks and he went away for that, and something else, with a long criminal record, for six months.

So you might see how I think they’re being more than a little crazy because the flu exists, or because they went mental over this flu existing, even though they had a treatment over a year ago that would have made it less deadly than the flu, or a range of early treatments that showed promise but which seemed to be actively suppressed and even banned.

They went with the vaccines, so the old people had their vaccines, which don’t work as well as many other treatments, and have terrible side effects that also kill people, but if they worked like they said, (and that’s a big if), it’s already less deadly than the flu.

That’s without using all the better treatments that work better than that like convalescent plasma, for example, which puts somebody else’s blood antibodies in you. This also has contradicting “studies” on it’s effectiveness, like every single treatment you can get, even vitamins.

I just take vitamins and I reckon that’s enough for me personally. About 80% of the deaths had vitamin D deficiency, and were also obese, or really old, it’s the 0.1% who are least healthy who die, obviously.

In Australia, it killed less people than the average flu season last year, and this year, mostly because they didn’t use treatments that have been proven to work on those who were at risk.

I can’t actually say any of them have been “proven” to work all the time, but almost nobody will deny that vitamins help your immune system function and most people are deficient.

Many people are overweight, and 90% of the old, sick, fat people who died had terminal illnesses already, and that’s not me. I’m not taking responsibility for spreading the flu to someone who might meet them, especially because, there’s not even any covid here, at all.

My opinion of these people is they are terrorists. Brainwashed, indoctrinated fools, following the centralized “medical advice” which is nothing more than the big pharma corporation’s lies, while not having an opinion of their own.

I’ve said before we may have to kill them, and I’m not saying that to stir up trouble, I hope peaceful protest works, but this is an attempted communist takeover, akin to Mao’s great leap forward, you should prepare for war or bugging out to the bush, because you might have to.

I don’t know what’s going to happen next, although the next planned event is truckers shutting down the borders and stopping the delivery of food and petrol.

This flu is as I said, solved, to the degree that it was any worse than it always was, (considering that you can’t stop the flu from existing), over a year ago, but we’re experiencing totalitarian tyranny like this country has never seen before.

They’re stopping it from being solved by banning the cure, (it’s murder), and pushing a deadly experimental “vaccine” that doesn’t work, doesn’t stop transmission, and according to the worst estimates, could kill off the entire human race like Marek’s disease did with chickens.

What happened there is they had a disease which was deadly, but it didn’t spread far, because it killed the chickens quickly, but when they had a vaccine that stopped their symptoms, but not transmission, it allowed the disease to spread further, until they all had it, and then the vaccines failed.

The average age of death was 82 in Australia, not much different to the average age of death generally, but by screwing around with stuff they don’t know anything about, they could kill everyone, the entire human race.

I’m not kidding with that, they are trying to give everyone a booster shot already, for the “delta strain” based on no data whatsoever, as mentioned in the above video. No data for how it affects pregnant women and fertility in men for the “fully approved” vaccine.

No data whatsoever, and yet Israel has said they will only allow the vaccine passport if they all get it, based on nothing, and the first two shots waning in protection, if they ever did anything beneficial.

I’m not a lab rat, that kind of crap is the threat to the human race, it’s the worst threat I’ve ever seen, and I knew that immediately, as soon as I saw this insane overreaction. The danger is them, almost entirely, in fact it is them entirely, as the threat, where I am.

France won’t let people go into shopping centers without a vaccine passport, and they’re not listening to the experts say, it’s not even working, it’s not stopping transmission, it caused millions of adverse reactions, they banned the cure, they are the same people who made and released the virus on purpose, they’re insane.

Anyway, take a look around the site at my other posts, sign up to the mailing list, follow my social media, buy some products like the vitamins there to support my work, and make an effort to have your voice heard, whatever it is you have to say.

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