Defining The Greater Good

I went into a chemist yesterday and explained to them the reasons why I don’t do the QR code thing, even though they said it’s mandatory.

They say all over the place in petrol stations, restaurants, supermarkets, bottle shops, that you “must” check in, even though there’s been no “covid” here for well over a year now.

I’m in Tasmania, one state away from one of the worst tyrannical governments the Western world has seen in a long time, Victoria.

Don’t watch the sunset, don’t go to work, don’t go to school, one hour exercise a day, 5kms from your house, curfews, tear gas and rubber bullets fired on protesters who march by the tens of thousands regardless.

I told them, if the virus was here, it would be here, the test doesn’t even work, it produces mostly false positives in a healthy population, and just by me signing in, there’s a possibility they could try to stick a swab up my nose, by force, and then do that to everyone I was in “contact” with.

All I had to do was hear this bitch talk once, I know it’s human nature, but now is not the time to talk to your neighbors.

I said I’ll die before I let this place become like Victoria, the old people already had their vaccines if they wanted them, but now they say that’s not enough, they want to keep giving booster shots, every few months, or you can’t work, go to school, go to a pub, see your family, etc.

We need to get used to being vaccinated with covid vaccines, forever, based on no data, and overwhelming evidence of serious problems, this psychotic bitch says. No, you need to get used to the idea you don’t control what I do, and I already wanted you dead before you tried this crap.

I already hated these scum who pretend to fight a war on drugs, while fighting endless wars for drug profits. I don’t trust them, I hate the arrogant two faced hypocritical tyrannical eugenicist swine. I wanted them dead, a long time ago.

I didn’t have the general support of the public in doing that, it wasn’t a particularly popular topic to base a revolution on.

Freedom to take whatever drugs you want, like weed for example, or to go after the main drug dealers, the government, and big pharma corporations, for their lies and hypocrisy that in my view caused more damage to society.

That was when they were claiming to be fighting a war on drugs, which was in theory not a bad idea, exactly.

It didn’t work, they weren’t actually trying to stop it, they were the drug dealers, but it seemed in theory like not such a bad idea, because drugs are bad, OK? Try to process that logic.

However if you then shift that to an active campaign to force everyone to take drugs, that are almost as deadly and dangerous as opiates, experimental vaccines, when they are more likely to kill or injure healthy young people than covid, the debate changes.

I’ve provided plenty of evidence they planned this attack on the world, regardless of whether they released a bio weapon or not.

In the states where there was a supposed emergency, there were less deaths than the flu every year, so when they’re trying to force young people to be injected with something more deadly and dangerous than covid, when there’s not even any covid here, that’s a clear attack.

This whole thing was an attack, they made the virus in the lab and released it on purpose, they had this whole plan drawn out a decade in advance, they aren’t just drug dealers, but psycho killers. Brutal, insane totalitarian dictators, and their brainwashed minions fall into that same category in my view.

If they covered up vaccines causing the massive increase in autism, like they did with everything else, we need to get rid of them, urgently.

It’s only half the people who understand that to some degree, because they’ve seen first hand what their policies actually do, with the crime and homelessness and the vaccine injured autistic kids and the self harm and suicide and businesses closed, etc.

Some might say that they can’t get everything right, you have to give them the benefit of the doubt. I say if they don’t listen to people when they explain how these policies have affected their lives, ruined their lives, and make a real effort to fix the problems, or back off with the tyranny, then they aren’t just incompetent, they’re criminal.

Somebody who is tasked with the greater good has to admit their mistakes when they make them, not just pretend they were right the first time, right all the time, and then never back down as the people rise up in revolution against them.

They are so insulting to the intelligence of people, it’s clear they think they can treat them like children and get away with it, but I remember a former prime minister got head butted in the face once for opposing gay marriage.

Actually he said he did it because “it wasn’t an opportunity I think I’d get again” so I think maybe this time, they’re screwed.

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