Can We Win This War?

It’s hard to win a war when most people don’t even know we’re fighting one, it’s hard to break the brainwashing of a lifetime, but if things continue to go the way they’re going, more people will wake up, because they have no choice.

I’m in Australia, and people say all the time about us, we should have never let them take our guns, we’re domesticated farm animals, sheep to the slaughter, cows grazing in the pasture.

The thing about that is, it’s not entirely true, there are about 3.5 million guns here, they took the semi automatic weapons, and there are strict gun ownership laws, but they’re not defenseless, exactly.

If you look at a place like America, they have about two guns for every person, about five hundred million guns or more, and I used to think that was overkill, and we were safer, but that was until the government went psycho.

Obviously the guns aren’t really the only determining factor, there’s tanks and bombs, fighter jets and drones, chemical weapons, biological weapons, nukes and more, at least internationally. Sanctions, food production, cyber attacks, etc.

The real question is, who controls those things, would they use them on their own people, if ordered to do that, would they follow orders, or would they go against the orders?

How likely is it that they would die themselves, if they used nukes on anyone? In a war between countries, it was called MAD, mutually assured destruction.

If everyone starts firing nukes, everyone is destroyed, which is even more true if it’s your own country that you’re trying to nuke or bomb, or have tanks rolling down the street, because your own army would begin to mutiny.

US army generals have said things along those lines, that the US people would need fighter jets and nukes to win a war against their own government, which was the original purpose of the right to bear arms, to prevent a tyrannical government oppressing the people.

Have we reached that stage? Biden threatened nuking the US people, he classified them as domestic terrorists for questioning the covid narrative, which is entirely questionable. They never did anything like that before, even during the Spanish flu, which many have questioned as well.

Even if you believe in the covid narrative, the worst it did was kill off the people who were likely to die anyway, the 0.1% who were old or sick or fat or vitamin deficient, smoked too many cigarettes, or too much crack, had cancer or heart disease, etc.

Considering the terrible health of Americans, the obesity and drug use, that’s not a very deadly virus for healthy young people.

Maybe it killed up to 1% of those who caught it, if 90% of the tests were false positive, but it was still mostly those likely to die from the flu, or who were likely to die soon anyway, and once you recover, the immune system adapts, if it’s capable of adapting, and it is then, the flu. Just another coronavirus.

They rolled out the vaccines, half the people took them depending on which country, the old people were the first to get them, it’s been months now, that’s the problem solved already, if their solution worked, and there’s plenty of other treatments that were shown to work already, but they won’t go away.

Anyone who’s looked at this in great detail, and from all sources knows it’s not about your health, it was a plan to impose top down tyrannical government powers, a global dictatorship, even a mass culling of the population.

The longer it goes on, the more people there are who realize that it’s not about health, even with the media mind control, people talk, the figures speak for themselves, people aren’t blithering idiots.

I mean, they are, like half the people have a lower than 100 IQ, and can be indoctrinated into a cult that teaches you the sky is actually red, with enough persistent brainwashing and peer pressure, but it’s already half the people who are saying the sky is blue, and they don’t have full control of what people see and hear.

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They can tell you I know it’s human nature, but now is not the time to talk to your neighbors, even though the “emergency” has passed, as much as it was ever going to, but just the fact they said that, woke more people up.

The sky is red sometimes, at certain times of the day, but they got a war on their hands if they keep trying to take people’s freedom to this extent.

There’s only so much people can or will put up with, and I never seen them have to put up with worse in this country. There’s more going on than a bad flu season.

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