Who Should Die For These Crimes Against Humanity?

It’s perhaps playing God to debate who should live and who should die, or that’s what they told people. People like the Catholic church who tortured over fifty million people to death with medieval instruments of terror in the inquisition.

They supported Hitler and the Croatian genocide, after fighting wars for “Jesus” for a thousand years that killed countless millions, even billions, while actually being the same people who nailed Jesus to the cross, the Romans.

Marina Abramovic and Jacob Rothschild posing in front of a picture entitled Satan Summoning His Legions.

They assumed that they could play God, and maybe they believed it, or maybe some of them believed it, and others were just psychopaths.

Satanists, megalomaniacs, ruthless dictators using a martyr they tortured to death as mind control for their empire.

I’m not going to debate the existence of God, or what the word means. Some have said it’s a spiritual war, it’s all in the mind, a “real war” would just kill more people.

What I am going to do is point out again, these people wrote down what they were going to do, to take over the world, over a decade ago.

The video goes through the Rockerfeller Foundation’s scenarios for future technology and international development from 2010, which people like Alex Jones were talking about almost as soon as it was put out.

It talks about the virus that took over the world, forced masks, temperature checks, bio-metric IDs, and the power that world leaders would keep even after the “threat” of a slightly worse flu had passed.

I’m in no doubt whatsoever that they planned every last bit of the pandemic including making the virus in the lab, the horrific restrictions, the massive pressure on people, and they also mention the push back.

The idea was to make people so angry, so fearful, so desperate, that they would accept a totalitarian one world government controlled by them.

They would offer the solution, of universal basic income, guaranteed security, if you just do every single thing they say, and the ultimate goal of that seems to be depopulation, or population control.

I don’t say that just because I think they’re evil, they told you the various reasons why they’re trying to kill you, such as over half the animal species got wiped out in the last fifty years.

Half the fish in the ocean than there were fifty years ago, half the land for growing food already being used, pollution from coal power plants, not just the Co2, but toxic metals in the soil and air pollution.

They sucked all the money out of the US government, it doesn’t have the money to keep the old people alive on social security.

The future is getting robots to do the factory work, and the country that gets rid of people and replaces them with robots the fastest will succeed in global trade.

If they succeed in global trade, they will have the largest army and best technology, and so have “control” of the world.

There seems to have been an alliance formed to make a one world government so that it isn’t just China who controls the world, which they are on track to do in terms of financial growth.

A robot conducting an orchestra.

So the corporations and globalist NGOs like the WEF, the World Bank, the Rockerfeller Foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Rothschilds Foundation, the UN, the WHO, and all their associated groups are going with a plan for a great reset.

The main theme of the great reset is, they will collectively be the globalist socialist power, not the USA or China, and the people of all countries of the world will be the peasants in their authoritarian regime.

Kind of like how the Chinese people are, or more like how the Chinese control Tibet and Hong Kong, except it’s one global government, and one massive collective of dominated, conquered, occupied people who no longer even have the illusion of democracy or free speech.

Beginning with the logical assumption that they attacked the world with biological weapons, threatened them with hack attacks, drone strikes, war, sanctions, assassination, or whatever it might be, you can generally assume they’re evil, or brutal beyond measure.

They might have a reason for wiping out the population of the world, they might have their own reasons for keeping their own power, but they made themselves the enemy of the people, the worst enemy the world has ever faced, and maybe half the people or more understand that.

You can’t censor it, they already know. It’s a bit like the Afghanistan war, they thought they could drive off the Taliban, form a new government that taught boys to be girls and girls to be boys, and the minute they left, the president fled the country and the Taliban took over again.

They killed a million people in that war, no matter how bad the Taliban is, the people viewed the invading army as worse, and they were worse, but they were just the occupying power with a larger army stealing their resources after they planned 9/11 themselves.

The question with this globalist plan is, do they even have an army? Do they have widespread support? If the prime ministers and presidents of countries follow their plans while it causes such devastation, will the people vote for them?

If they fix elections or put candidates on both sides, will the people fall for it? Will they just overthrow them? Money doesn’t buy you the minds of the people, media propaganda only goes so far.

Military might win you a war between countries, but if you try to order the military to shoot their own people, they will probably turn their guns on the people giving the orders, and then they might trace where those orders actually came from, to the top, which probably isn’t even in their own country.

I woke up imagining Klaus Schwab screaming as I ripped his fingernails off with pliers, asking who do you work for?

You see the government was made by the people, of the people, for the people, and if it wasn’t that, or at least had the illusion of that, the people revolted, sooner or later, and what did they do about black drug addicts in the USA after George Floyd?

He called black kids roaches that would infest the schools according to Judge Joe Brown. Beware of pedophile scum.

They put more of them in prison, and Biden said they were animals that should be locked up in zoos, it was a lie, a scam, an obvious one, similar to the way they deal the drugs, while claiming to fight a war on drugs.

Kneeling for BLM, he kneels at the feet of Israel and the elite corporate criminals trying to take over the world in a new world order that looks like China, but even worse.

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I think that it is inevitable that we will have a global government to some extent, however the people will still play a primary role in how that works, not a secondary role.

People are what makes up the entire thing, and they don’t like it so much when you try to sterilize and exterminate them and feed them horse manure propaganda that wouldn’t convince a child.

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