Global Government Attempts To Implement Tyranny

What’s in the news? Many countries including the USA and Australia recently approved Regeneron or monoclonal antibody treatments for covid, which they say are 79% effective in those small number of at risk people who need to use them.

Trump took that and was better in a day or two, at least that’s what he said, he said it was a blessing from God that he caught covid, free cures for everyone which was a long time ago now.

It was almost a year ago, with a lot of problems arising from that other treatment not being available while the vaccine was rushed at warp speed.

Joe Rogan said he threw the kitchen sink at it when he caught covid including monoclonal antibodies, zithromax, vitamins, a NAD+ drip, prednisone and ivermectin, and he got better in a few days.

The thing is, you do get better in a few days, or a couple of weeks, anyway, almost all the time, if you’re young and healthy and not obese or vitamin deficient or on lots of drugs or something.

Take an asprin, or some paracetamol, eat some chicken soup, that’s what they told most people, and that worked on most people.

I figured out in the first month that it would only be a few thousand people in Australia who would die of this thing, maybe tens of thousands if they had outbreaks in all the nursing homes, which caused the majority of all deaths.

So, it would then make sense to focus on those at risk people, and if social distancing, masks, vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, vitamins, exercise, healthy eating, or anything could make a difference, that would be the place to do it.

That would actually be the only place you really need to do anything, if you really need to do anything anywhere, and trying to test everyone cost billions of dollars by itself, and achieved virtually nothing, because the test didn’t even work.

I am so sick of hearing about the entire thing, they treated the citizens like horse manure, to try to prevent something they couldn’t prevent, because horses get covid, maybe, they think they might.

Maybe they took enough horse paste that it didn’t bother them, but that’s the kind of problem you have in trying to stop transmission, it didn’t work, anywhere in the world, nothing works completely and it never did you get the flu.

This is hard for some people to deal with, how can you not have a solution to every problem? How can you allow people to have any freedom until nobody ever dies from the flu even if they’re about to die anyway?

How can you not shoot people in the face with rubber bullets and break their arms and chew their faces off with attack dogs until they feel better all the time because they don’t go outside, ever again?

The answer to that is, none of that utter bullshit stood the test of time, in fact it was immediately the most obvious, horrific terrorist attack on the minds of the population I’ve ever seen.

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Not the biological weapons attack by the people who made and released it on purpose, but their planned response to it, and so in that context, there’s only one thing we should do, if we possibly can.

Find them and hold them accountable for these crimes against humanity. I try not to let them win in making me angry, but there is no time during this whole thing I thought these people even deserve to live, at least not the ones participating in this terrorist attack.

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