Auctioning Off The Cattle

I find it hard to look at the “leaders” of the world as anything more than corrupt puppets who look at the human race as dumb cattle to be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

Big pharma is one of the largest “interest groups” in the world, the US alone spent 358 billion on prescription drugs in 2020, some of which killed them by the millions.

The lack of certain drugs as alternative treatments might also kill people, sometimes, but it’s mostly when you take random poison that you’re more likely to die, with only a few exceptions.

Take the chemotherapy drugs for example, they might sometimes stop the growth of some types of cancer, but they make all your hair fall out, they make you incredibly sick, and sometimes you might decide you’re better off not doing anything and enjoying the rest of your life, given the larger chance it won’t work.

That’s a personal decision, and if anyone told me I had to take chemotherapy, when I had a 90% chance of dying anyway, given I probably don’t have that long to live anyway, I wouldn’t do it.

If they tried to force me, I’d kill them if I had to, even if it killed me, because in my view that’s a crime to make those kinds of decisions for someone else, and they don’t really have anything to threaten you with.

That study I just linked to showed 140 cancer patients and the ones who refused treatment with chemo were about the same as those who got it, but they are told to say you have six months to live as a general average which might not even be right at all.

It takes into account that toxic poison is prescribed, most of the time, and what you also have to take into account is most studies are done by the big pharma companies selling the drugs.

Now imagine that they wanted to give your children chemotherapy on a yearly basis, based on the growing probability they might get cancer, because for example they took vaccines made out of immortal cancer cell lines.

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At this stage, I’m never going to see a doctor again, for the rest of my life, unless I’m dying, and maybe not even then.

No confidence, none at all, I would prefer to do the entire thing by myself, if I needed anything done, which by the way I did, but they didn’t do what I wanted them to do.

I see the government and the medical system as doing almost nothing but standing in the way of my health, happiness and freedom, and they just keep getting worse.

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