The Nazis Ban Swastikas

It’s all such a bad joke, but this scum, dictator Dan, the most hated tyrannical monster in the history of Australia, has said he will ban swastikas, which are thousands of years old and used in cultures across the world.

It’s the symbol used to designate a Buddhist temple on a map, the left facing swastika, and it’s all over historical art from cultures around the world.

Here’s the thing though, that was just the tip of the iceberg, he wants to make laws to jail people for vilification, and ridicule.

All I do all day long is say the government, all government, is a terrorist criminal organization of mass murdering, drug dealing, pedophile pieces of crap.

You have to kill them, or you should have done that before they killed over 250 million of their own people last century, that’s not against the law, that’s the basis of law, self defense.

Simple math, if you can kill them, the psychopath mass murdering eugenicists at the top, they don’t manage to kill as many of us.

The ethics of killing baby Hitler doesn’t really bother me, but time travel isn’t possible.

I don’t view him as justified in what he did, however he was not unique as a conquering tyrant, Stalin and Mao were worse, and that’s just some of what happened last century.

The people who started world war one were the same people, as always, an arch duke gets shot and all of a sudden there’s a war to end all wars? Why? Because they’re scum? Exactly. The same basic people run the world today.

But it wasn’t just Hitler, he was funded and trained by the larger group of eugenicists which began in America, or possibly England, or wherever these scum hide out.

I don’t support Nazi skin head gangs, I don’t like racism, there are good and bad Jews like any group of people, but I support freedom, and what they did here was use a swastika as a boogeyman, to ban free speech completely, like they did with covid.

If I can’t say this communist terrorist needs to go, without getting charged with incitement like Monica from Reignite Democracy Australia, and held in jail for speaking my mind, we’re in totalitarianism. Fascism, communism, whatever.

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If I can’t say the Jewish “interest groups” are Sabbatean Frankists who like screwing three years olds, according to the Talmud, which was written by Khazarian blood drinking Satanists who converted to Judaism by force, then we got a problem.

The Jews got a problem, everyone’s got a problem, because the law doesn’t exist anymore, and that’s what I’m saying.

There is no law, these are traitorous psychopaths who must be removed by any means necessary, out of Judaism, out of every culture, because they are the bad guys. It’s not a race, or a religion, except maybe Satanism.

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