Australia Openly Promotes The New World Order

Just a short post today, I won’t bother with too many links, to back up my claims, you either see it, or you don’t and you can look at my previous posts for more evidence of these crimes against humanity.

It’s out in the open for anyone to see, they call it the new world order, in Australia, and we can see what that looks like.

Smashing car windows and dragging people out of their cars for not telling them where they’re going, curfews, tracking your every move, arrests for protesting or not wearing a mask, it’s widely recognized as a totalitarian regime as bad as any in the world.

The NSW premier said they will be issuing “significant fines” to businesses who serve unvaccinated, or hire unvaccinated, can’t cross state borders, to see your own children.

That means the government has crossed the line into forced medical experimentation, denying employment and services, even the freedom to go outside, it doesn’t matter if they hold you down and inject you by force, but that was a law on the books in Western Australia.

The charge is treason, I don’t care about their “law” they are a terrorist criminal organization they do not have the right to make laws, they barely had the armed forces to police actual crimes which increased dramatically while most of them were told to do this insane crap.

I got banned from Facebook again, after a day or two for saying: Don’t pay any fines, don’t pay any taxes, and if you ever see this Satanic witch, burn her to the ground.

I’m not going to say if that’s satire or my actual real opinion of what people should do, or if I thought it would incite any of these domesticated sheep to actually do that, I don’t think they will.

It is however treason, the censorship itself is a global affront to free speech, the virus is not an excuse for doing anything, anything at all, in the first place, and most people realize that, regardless of what the media say.

In the beginning, they may have been scared enough by the deadly pandemic, until they saw what happened after the old people got vaccinated with something supposedly 90% effective, which reduced their risk to the same as it always was.

They suppressed most of the treatments that worked, but even when they approved the monoclonal antibodies as an additional treatment, 79% effective, it didn’t change a thing.

Even when they were told by the top level terrorists that the vaccine doesn’t stop transmission and wears off almost immediately, they still said that it was a pandemic of the unvaccinated and they were solely responsible for spreading the virus, when that was a lie.

The average age of death was 82, it didn’t stop transmission, the figures out of Israel and other countries show the vaccinated do get sick and die, if they were about to die anyway, but possibly having worse outcomes of death and injury immediately after taking it, and that’s most people have those worse outcomes from the shot.

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A popular radio show Kyle and Jacki O had the Satanic witch on and Jacki said my ex husband is in hospital from an adverse event, the hospital wasn’t required to report it, so the figures of over 50,000 side effects in Australia are under reported.

But she still said you should obviously get the vaccine because when they had Pauline Hanson, a senator, on the show she was bleeped every time she said anything that countered the government narrative, on a privately owned radio show.

It is time to choose a side, if you want the world to be like Australia, the new world order, then do nothing, and if you don’t, it’s up to you, no regular rules or laws apply.

We are at war, a world war, and they are openly proclaiming themselves the enemy of humanity and it’s health and freedom.

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